Ravnica Style Guide: Saprolings

Posted in Feature on September 28, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

The Selesnya Conclave is a guild founded on the twin philosophies of green (growth, nature, adaptation) and white (order, light, law).

Selesnya Conclave

As we'll see today, the look of saprolings and nature elementals, mostly employed by the Conclave in Ravnica, reflects these twin philosophies as well.

Style Guide: SaprolingsRavnica Style Guide: Saprolings

As you can see, saprolings in this plane are animated plants wrapped around large chunks of glimmering crystal. The crystals' reflective properties tie into the white associations of light and order, while the wild vines and bushes of their plant aspects reflect their green origins.

Here are a few more cards where these crystalline saprolings and elementals can be seen in action.

Doubling Season
Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi
Selesnya Evangel
Scatter the Seeds

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