Reanimating Reckoners

Posted in Feature on May 23, 2013

By Sam Black

Sam Black is a Platinum Pro Player and longtime writer for He is a respected deck builder and took over Daily Decks for the first half of 2013.

TToday's deck is a clever hybrid of Junk Rites and Act 2. Those aren't really decks I'd think to put together, because the mana involved in (for Grisly Salvage) into (for Boros Reckoner) is a little tricky, but usokui3 found a clever way to make it work and managed to find a number of clever synergies between the two shells.

Boros Reckoner

Every land in this deck taps for either green or black and either red or white, which means every land other than Cavern of Souls can help cast both Boros Reckoner and Grisly Salvage.

This deck has the standard-issue Grisly Salvages and Mulches to find Unburial Rites and targets for them, but it supplements them with Faithless Looting—a card that has awesome synergies with Mulch on every level, but which Junk Rite's mana usually can't support. All this graveyard action obviously fuels the Unburial Rites package and finds Lingering Souls, but it also sets up giant Harvest Pyres to use in combination with the Boros Reckoners this deck digs for.

Angel of Serenity and Thragtusk offer the standard Reanimator game plan, with Sire of Insanity and Olivia Voldaren as additional bullets, but the major twist is that this deck can use Boros Reckoner over the much weaker Centaur Healer and potentially combo-kill the opponent with it. It may not be all that easy to get the opponent down to 13 to make Blasphemous Act lethal with this deck, but with Unburial Rites, it can be trivial to get a second Boros Reckoner into play to set up a 26-point Blasphemous Act.

usokui3's Reenactment

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