Recapping the Kaladesh Story

Posted in Feature on November 16, 2016

By Cassie LaBelle

Cassie LaBelle is a freelance writer. When she's not at her keyboard dreaming up stories, you can find her playing with his cats, listening to records, or building yet another Magic deck.

Curious how the Kaladesh story is progressing? Wondering if you've missed any chapters? Never fear, I've taken the liberty of summarizing each section of the Kaladesh story that has been released so far and done my best to highlight all the major plot points.

If you have some extra time, don't forget to click on the links and take a look at each individual tale. Summaries are a nice way to get caught up, but they're no match for the vivid detail and exciting character moments found in the stories themselves!

"Chandra's Origin: Fire Logic"

Eleven-year-old Chandra Nalaar discovers that she is a pyromancer during a confrontation with the malicious Captain Baral. Since, on Kaladesh, mages are considered dangerous and unstable, Chandra's parents, Pia and Kiran Nalaar, flee the city of Ghirapur in an attempt to save their daughter from the authorities. Baral catches up with them, frames Chandra for arson, and kills her father in front of her. After Chandra loses track of her mother in the flames, Baral captures Chandra and attempts to execute her, but the young Planeswalker's spark ignites during the showdown and she manages to escape into the Blind Eternities.


Three months after defeating Emrakul, the five members of the Gatewatch are visited by Dovin Baan, a Kaladeshi inspections minister looking for help investigating a threat to the upcoming Inventors' Fair. Jace turns him down because the Gatewatch decided to focus on Multiverse-scale threats rather than local planar disputes, but not before Chandra has a strong emotional reaction to the sight of a representative from the Consulate that (to her knowledge) killed her parents. When Chandra and Liliana disappear together, Nissa decides to travel to Kaladesh with Dovin Baan in order to find Chandra and stand with her fiery companion.

"A Time for Innovation"

After hundreds of failed trials, the brilliant aether researcher Rashmi and her faithful assistant Mitul finally succeed in building a machine that can transport inorganic matter through space. A crucial filament is broken in the process, however, and Rashmi must find a new one fast if she's going to be able to showcase her world-changing device in the Inventors' Fair. All hope seems lost when Rashmi is turned away by her friend Saheeli, a renegade inventor (and Planeswalker) who is worried that the matter transporter might cause any number of unforeseen problems. But Saheeli isn't one to stand in the way of extraordinary progress, and after a change of heart she fixes Rashmi's filament and uses her influence to get the aether researcher an audience with Consul Padeem.

"Torch of Defiance"

On Kaladesh for the first time in twelve years, Chandra tries to find the renegade leaders that Dovin Baan is after in hopes of protecting them from the Consulate. After goading Chandra into experiencing some of Ghirapur's nightlife, Liliana urges Chandra to embrace her anger by attacking the Consulate's soldiers and seeking out Baral. While Chandra isn't willing to go that far just yet, she does help Liliana stop a pair of Consulate guards and escape what appears to be a renegade attack on the city's aether supply. After following a shadowy figure through the crowd after the attack, the Planeswalkers come across an unexpected confrontation between two unlikely foes: Tezzeret and the renegade leader, known as "Renegade Prime"—who is revealed to be Chandra's mother, Pia.

"Renegade Prime"

Flashing back twelve years, we learn that Pia Nalaar was imprisoned by Captain Baral after Chandra's failed execution. During her time in detention, she vowed to fight the oppressive rule of the Consulate—a vow that eventually lead her to her current position as Renegade Prime. After Pia's thopters temporarily shut down the Inventors' Fair, she is cornered by Tezzeret—the fair's head judge—as well as a squadron of his soldiers. Chandra, Liliana, Nissa, and Dovin Baan all show up, and both Nalaars are shocked at the sight of a family member they had long believed to be dead. In order to protect her long-lost daughter from any more violence, Pia surrenders to the Consulate forces and is taken away in shackles. Unsettled by seeing Tezzeret, a Planeswalker from her past she recognizes as a massive threat, Liliana departs to find Jace, who also has history with Tezzeret.

"Born of Aether"

Yahenni, a four-year-old aetherborn socialite with roughly one month left to live, introduces us to the pleasure-seeking lives of their short-lived kind. Lead by Mrs. Pashiri, an old family friend of the Nalaars, Chandra and Nissa show up at one of Yahenni's parties in search of information about Pia's whereabouts. When a Consulate soldier shows up, Yahenni and Nissa interrogate him and learn that Pia is being kept in Dhund Prison—which is run by old nemesis Captain Baral.

"Bottled Up"

Chandra, Nissa, and Mrs. Pashiri travel to Gonti's night market in search of the hidden entrance to Dhund Prison. As Chandra grows increasingly impatient, Nissa discovers the entrance by sensing the flow of aether through the prison's underground tunnels. Before they can find Pia, however, the searchers are captured by Captain Baral and locked in an airtight room that is slowly being filled with poison. Nissa and Chandra try to combine their powers to defeat the lock, but Baral's trap proves too well-designed.


Six months ago on Kamigawa, Ajani learned from Tamiyo that Tezzeret was still alive and causing harm. Ajani tracked Tezzeret to Kaladesh and began working with Mrs. Pashiri and the renegades to help stop him. But now Mrs. Pashiri is missing, and Ajani must track her down before the Consulate can eliminate her. He arrives at Dhund just in time to free Mrs. Pashiri—along with Nissa and Chandra—from Baral's trap.

"In This Very Arena"

Liliana returns to Ravnica in order to enlist Jace and Gideon's help in defeating Tezzeret. They arrive on Kaladesh just in time to witness a rigged quicksmithing duel between Tezzeret and Pia in the same arena where Chandra was supposed to be executed twelve years earlier. Pia fights valiantly, but Chandra and the other Planeswalkers must intervene in order to prevent her from being killed by the devious Tezzeret. The Planeswalkers free Pia, but Tezzeret manages to escape onto the Consul flagship. That's when everyone learns that all the winning creations from the Inventors' Fair have been stolen by the Consulate.

"A Grateful Consulate"

As Consulate enforcers confiscate all the inventions at the fair, Dovin Baan tries to prevent a riot from breaking out. While he finds Tezzeret's plan to be uncharacteristically sloppy, he does believe that taking control of the inventions is the right thing to do. Back in the safety of the spire, Tezzeret tells Baan that he can oversee analysis of all the stolen inventions (save one—Rashmi's matter transporter—which Tezzeret wants for himself) as long as he is able to restore order to the city. With renewed purpose, Dovin Baan returns to the street and does his best to suppress the hundreds of outraged inventors, implementing a new set of Consulate ordinances to ensure safety.

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