Red Hexproof

Posted in Feature on June 10, 2013

By Sam Black

Sam Black is a Platinum Pro Player and longtime writer for He is a respected deck builder and took over Daily Decks for the first half of 2013.

Last month Mike Flores championed a deck designed by Anthony Lowry, which is similar to Bant Hexproof, but with Red instead of Green. Lately, I've been very impressed by Bant Hexproof, which makes me think it's worth looking into the alternatives.

Madcap Skills

The biggest draw to red is Boros Charm, which is outstanding in the deck, offering both huge damage potential with an enchanted creature (provided that isn't already redundant with all the first strike the deck already has), and, more importantly, protecting creatures both from targeted removal as well as Supreme Verdict.

Red doesn't offer any real replacement for the green creatures, but they're not strictly necessary anyway, and we can fill in with more white creatures, and while the enchantments from red are probably a little weaker overall, there are definite advantages to them, particularly Madcap Skills, which is often the best enchantment for a double striker.

I'd definitely make a few changes to their list though. I think Judge's Familiar, who made an appearance in the winning deck in Pro Tour: Dragons Maze, is a great way to make up for the loss of Avacyn's Pilgrim, giving you a one mana play that can evasively carry enchantments or potentially cut paths of interaction from your opponent with its ability. I prefer that as an additional way to interact early or potential counter a spell to Syncopate. I also think it's important to have lifelink, and I don't think Curiosity is what these decks want. I haven't found that I need a lot of cards, I'm just trying to win a race.

I'd prefer:

Red Hexproof

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