Relentless Rock

Posted in Feature on November 29, 2012

By Conley Woods

One of the staple decks across formats at any given time is The Rock. Its name was derived from a Phyrexian Plaguelord/Deranged Hermit deck from back in the day, but these days, that title is given to any black-green midrange deck looking to out-attrition the opponent through a series of small-value plays. The deck often plays undercosted fatties, discard spells, removal, and some source of incremental card advantage. In older formats, Dark Confidant or even Garruk Wildspeaker provided that card advantage, but Eric Field saw a chance to capture much of the same in Standard.

Sever the Bloodline

With Dark Confidant not available, Eric turned to a different source that would allow him to trade life for cards: Underworld Connections. And while that may be the only way Eric actually draws more cards, his deck features a lot of card-advantage sources. Each Planeswalker generates an effect every turn that is roughly equivalent to a card off the top when used correctly. This lets Eric build up an advantage without the need for actual cards in his hand. And, in certain situations, Eric can cast a big Diabolic Revelation for a grip of cards, even if it is mostly used to grab Elixir of Immortality to grind out control decks.

Against aggro decks, Eric has all of the tools to keep their creature populations down. Solid removal like Abrupt Decay, Ultimate Price, and Sever the Bloodline all keep problem creatures in check and, in the case of Sever the Bloodline, also brings some card advantage to the table. In the meantime, the squad of extremely efficient creatures can either make short work of your opponent's life total or defend you until you reach the tipping point where you are once again in control. Like most Rock decks, this list makes up in versatility what it lost in raw power.

Eric Field's Golgari Midrange

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