Restoring Balance to Modern

Posted in Feature on March 7, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Restore Balance

Restore Balance has made a splash at every single Modern Pro Tour but tends to get overshadowed by the other combo decks in the format. As Alfonso Barcelona Cabeza has shown us, Restore Balance got a great card from TherosThassa, God of the Sea.

Thassa is in the sweet spot for Restore Balance at three mana. The deck uses cascade cards like Ardent Plea and Violent Outburst to only cascade into Restore Balance, which you cast immediately. If you've been picking up your lands with Borderposts (or can sacrifice them to Greater Gargadon), your opponent will have few permanents after Restore Balance.

Meanwhile, cards like Thassa, Planeswalkers, Borderposts, and Ardent Plea (which actually matters due to devotion!) stick around, so you'll be in a great spot.

Alfonso Barcelona Cabeza's Restore Balance

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