Rise and Shine

Posted in Feature on December 13, 2012

By Conley Woods

Last weekend, while there was a Modern Grand Prix happening in the North, over in the East, Standard was on display. While Standard continues to have showings by things like Zombies and Reanimator, new tricks keep being added to its bag, keeping Standard players on their toes. We have talked about various"Nightshade Peddler decks before here on Daily Decks, but nothing quite like this.

Izzet Staticaster

Yuuji Okita took a deck that had been picking up a following online as well as at the FNM level and decided he was just going to go ahead and win a Grand Prix with it. The deck features the same combo of Izzet Staticaster plus Nightshade Peddler that we have seen before , including the additional elements like Huntmaster of the Fells that bring it all together. But this list goes a step further in the combo direction.

Rather than winning with a large Olivia Voldaren, the deck looks to fill up its graveyard and then reanimate an Angel of Glory's Rise. Assuming a Goldnight Commander was in the 'yard, the deck can then win on the spot. With enough Izzet Staticasters providing haste, including some potential help from Zealous Conscripts, there should be enough triggers from Goldnight Commander upon returning the half dozen or more Humans in your graveyard to play to give you a lot of large angry guys for the turn. Clear any blockers with your deathtouch combo and get in there for the win!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering about what those Chronic Floodings were for—those are to mill yourself!

Yuuji Okita's Peddler Rites

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