The Rising Tide

Posted in Feature on November 6, 2012

By Conley Woods

For those who were not at Grand Prix Philadelphia last week, you missed the largest North American Magic event ever. Good times were had, but at the back end of the event, Hurricane Sandy had quite the say on Magic players' travels as well as the living conditions of millions. While I am technically writing this from the middle of the storm, by the time you read this, I should be home, safe and sound. Meanwhile, somewhat appropriate to the storm, Michael Bernat was putting up results with one of the more iconic decks to Legacy: High Tide


High Tide has been one of the decks that has existed since Legacy was an infant. At one point, it faded out of popularity, as combo was largely absent form the metagame, but when Candelabra of Tawnos was able to make its way back into lists once again, High Tide was found on the rise. The combo, at its root, is pretty simple. You basically want to cast a High Tide, which turns all of your Islands into double-producing lands. From there, you want to continue to find ways to untap those lands, generating additional mana that allows you to draw additional cards, until you eventually find a win condition.

Once you get to the specifics, though, you get to see some cool interactions. Meditate, for example, is a card a lot of people might have never heard of, and is a card many people would think of as bad, but skipping your next turn is hardly a drawback when you plan on winning the current turn. Time Spiral is the ultimate draw-seven, allowing you to generate a ton of mana and refill your hand. And that win condition? Well, you could Cunning Wish for a Brain Freeze, but it is much more stylish to simply target your opponent with a Blue Sun's Zenith for more than his or her library can handle!

Michael Bernat's High Tide

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