Round 1 Feature Match - Bryce Currence vs. Alan Comer

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By Wizards of the Coast

In a match pitting two old friends from the Costa Mesa games center in California, Bryce Currence and Alan Comer fought for regional superiority. The first game began with a Comer mistake, as Alan, who'd cast a Rootwater Thief on turn two, attacked before brainstorming for a third land, meaning he couldn't activate the Thief's ability.

Currence, playing an aggressive RG deck, was able to take advantage of Alan's mana problems early on, playing first a Fault Rider, then a Snorting Gahr as Alan could only muster a Flowstone Armor from his high casting cost hand. With his life down to 12, Alan finally drew his fourth land, casting a Stinging Barrier, and immediately went about controlling the table with the Barrier and Armor, killing everything Bryce could muster except the Gahr, which Alan finally Sever Souled, bringing his life to 6. As a finisher, Alan played Greel, Mindraker, who emptied Bryce's hand so that Alan could cast the 5/6 Avatar of Will, forcing Bryce to conceed.

Game two was more of the same, with Alan's very strong deck being too much for Bryce to handle. Bryce started out with an Arc Mage and Snorting Gahr, but Alan Quickly solidifies, Dehydrating the Mage and summoning Greel once again. After forcing Bryce to discard 5 cards, Alan Severed the Gahr once again, and despite Bryce's best efforts, Alan was able to swarm with Stormwatch Eagle, Rathi Intimidator and Greel.

Armed with a strong deck, Alan will need it to get through a very tough table including Mike Turian and Justin Gary.

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