Round 1: William Jensen vs. Doctor Wong Pattern of Rebirth vs. Angry Hermit

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By Randy Buehler

Round one features William "Baby Huey" Jensen versus Doctor Wong. "Baby Huey" is from T.J.'s Collectibles in Milford Massachusetts. He first arrived on the Pro Tour about 18 months ago and quickly established himself as one of the regulars. He's now got 2 Grand Prix wins and a Pro Tour Top 8 on his resume. Doctor Wong may be one of the next generation of stars - he won the Taiwan National Championship and made the top 8 of last month's APAC Championships. Wong is running an Angry Hermit deck at this event that includes Perishes instead of Avalanche Riders (just like the version Masaya Mori used to win APACs) and also has a couple of Blastoderms thrown in instead of Skyshroud Poachers number 3 and 4. Jensen is running an innovative Pattern of Rebirth deck that was put together by the Jumble for this weekend.

Game one saw Angry Hermit do what Angry Hermit does. He cast turn 1 Bird of Paradise followed by turn 2 Pillage, turn 3 Rishadan Port, turn 4 2nd Port -- Plow Under, and turn 5 Masticore, killing Jensen's Elf with the two mana he had left over. Jensen never had 4 main phase mana at any point during the game and Jensen scooped before he ever cast a second spell.

Jensen started much stronger in game 2. He got to go first and played turn 1 Bird and on his second turn he windmilled a second Bird and a Vine Trellis onto the table, announcing with authority that he would have mana this game. Jensen played Academy Rectors on his third and fourth turns and seemed confident that they should be able to win him the game. Wong calmly continued his land denial strategy despite Huey's great start. He used Arc Lightning to kill both Birds and then followed up with Plow Under and Rishadan Port. Wong's Port tapped Jensen's City of Brass every turn while Jensen served with one rector and left the other back, threatening to block if Wong ever tried to serve with a Treetop Village.

When Wong played a second Port and a Pillage, it looked like he might actually be able to keep Jensen pinned down. However, he still had to deal with those Academy Rectors. I'm sure he had no idea what would come out of Jensen's deck if a Rector died. What he did know is that he didn't want to find out the hard way! When Wong played a Skyshroud Poacher, he found his route to victory. Over the next several turns he recruited three Deranged Hermits into play but didn't attack with anything until he had enough Squirrels that he could kill Jensen in one enormous swarm. This way Jensen would be dead before his Rectors could bring any enchantments into play. Wong's plan was quite smart and it worked perfectly. Jensen scooped muttering under his breath about what a frustrating match that had been.

The Good Doctor 2 (now 1-0)

Baby Huey 0 (now 0-1)

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