Round 11: Svend Geertsen vs. Donnie Gallitz W/R vs. U/B

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by Pete

These two veteran Magic players have met many times before, but rarely have they met while playing such bad draft decks. Both players, before the start of the match, openly criticised their decks, mocking and trash talking the entire time.

Game 1

Svend won the dice roll and decided to go first, showing how bad his deck was straight away with a first turn Glittering Lynx. Gallitz went nuts mocking the shockingly bad card before casting his own Trickster Mage, much to the amusement of the spectators. Svend managed a 2nd turn Defiant Falcon, while Gallitz dropped a Cloudskate, meanwhile the pair traded blows with their tragic 1/1's.

Svend Geertsen 0 - 1 Donnie Gallitz

Game 2

The same tragic opening brought laughs from the crowd, although this time Donnie actually held the 2 mana open to trade the trickster mage for the Lynx. The match developed slowly due to the bad cards that they had drafted as each side of the board filled up with Ridgeling Rager, Alabaster wall, Mogg Toady for Svend, and Commando, Cloudskate, Bog Glider for Donnie. Svend burnt the skate with a Seal of Fire, attacked with the Rager top leave Gallitz at nine and then cast Citadel of Pain! Gallitz can't believe the card, but at this point it looks pretty good, as Donnie only has a Coastal Hornclaw on the table. Gallitz drew his card, gasped and cast Massacre, leaving Svend no way to sink his mana. Over the next few Turns Svend's land combined with the Citadel of Pain finished him off.

Svend Geertsen 0 - 2 Donnie Gallitz

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