Round 11: Tom Guevin vs. Mike Long B/W vs. U/W

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By Randy Buehler

Tom Guevin and Mike Long are two of the game's most popular feature match performers. Everyone seems to want to know what they're going to do next. Guevin started trash talking the moment he sat down for their match. Long was fairly quiet and didn't really want to engage in much of a verbal battle. He couldn't resist a few early barbs, though. When Guevin asked about his back spasms, Long asked about Guevin's brain spasms. Long also headed his life total columns "Tongo" and "Infidel." Donnie Gallitz actually did a lot of Long's trash talking for him from an adjacent feature match table.

Early in game one Guevin started singing "If I could be like Mike" and then segued into "if I could cheat like Mike." At this point Long quietly called for a judge and walked away from the table to talk to him. The judge then summoned Tom and cautioned him that there is a line that players are not allowed to cross and personal insults can certainly cross it. Guevin calmed down a little after that, especially since Long clearly did not want to spar.

The game itself was also interesting. Long stabilized the ground, but Guevin played a Rathi Intimidator. He was hoping to deal a lot of damage with the Intimidator against Long's blue/white deck, but Long splashed black for Primeval Shambler! Long played out his third color and the Shambler held off the Intimidator for the entire game. Meanwhile Long start playing fliers. His Defiant Falcon was sent to the bottom of his deck before he could activate it by a surprise Rebel Informer, but his Nightwind Glider and Rishadan Airship took large chunks out of Guevin's life total whiel Defender en-Vec helped hold off Guevin's ground creatures. Long eventually played Alexi, Zephyr Mage which forced Guevin to try to swarm him. Guevin had Dark Triumph in hand, but Long blocked correctly and had little trouble staying alive.

Guevin chose to draw in game 2, but still had no answers for Long's strategy of fliers plus Primeval Shambler. Guevin kept trying to talk trash, but Long kept ignoring him. Long used Seal of Doom and Withdraw to clear a path for his fliers even though Guevin had Lieutenant, Thermal Glider, and Rebel Informer to recycle the Glider.

Once Guevin knew he was beaten, he started trying to cheat mostly, probably, to entertain the crowd. When Long bounced his Glider, Guevin insisted that he'd recruited as a response to a Reveille Squad trigger and so he could now untap his Lieutenant and recruit again. In fact, he tried to recruit the same Glider out that had just been returned to his hand. While Long and the judge were distracted by that, Guevin managed to get an extra land from his hand into play, during Long's attack phase! He then used that land to pay for a Withdraw that had been on the stack the entire time, leaving him four mana left to recruit with. Of course, there were no flying Rebels left in his deck to bring into play so none of this mattered, but the crowd was quite entertained. Long was so frustrated by the rules argument that he couldn't resist taking a verbal shot at Guevin and, with the door to personal attacks wide open now, Guevin fired right back over the top. I think Long noticed that Guevin played that extra land, he just knew the game was over and didn't see any point in starting another argument.

In the end it was a convincing 2-0 victory for Long and Guevin has his work cut out for him now if he wants to go from 7-4 to the Top 8.

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