Round 12: Kyle Rose vs. Mike Long B/R vs. U/W

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By Trey Van Cleave

These two Pro Tour Winners with 7 top 8 Pro Tour performances between them who test together and who both live in Virginia were matched in this final round of the draft portion of Worlds. One would advance with a possibility of winning only half his matches tomorrow to make the final 8 and one might have to scratch and scramble to get there. This match is a sort of good versus evil with Long being one of those guys you love to hate that's right in your face and Kyle being one of the most unassuming guys on the tour.

As usual Rose played at a blistering pace. They both opened up solid hands and Long had one swamp, one island, one plains which really helped get him off to a nice start. Kyle was playing black/red beats with a good curve but no bombs and little removal of any kind apart from a lunge. Mike Long splashes black for a Primeval Shambler and a Seal of Doom. After the first few turns Long has a Seal of Removal and a Nightwind Glider and Rose has a Agent of Shauku and a Spur Grappler. Long misses a land drop and plays Devout Witness. Long top decks an island and uses Rhystic Scrying to Ancestral Recall himself drawing no land. Rose Despoils his only Plains the next turn but Long topdecks two Plains in a row and rolls over Rose with Primeval Shambler and Troubled Healer after a Withdraw on Rose's only 2 creatures. Rose cannot recover after this and not drawing any more land lock up the win for Long.

This game made the last one look like slow motion. They both get out a nice curve and despite a Hollow Warrior and Nightwind Glider on Long's offense, Rose is getting in some damage with his Spineless Thug and Laccolith Grunt along with a timely Despoil. Long continues to serve with Hollow Warrior and Defender en Vec. Long draws a timely Seal of Doom and despite a risky attack when at 2 to force some chump blocking on Rose's part. Rose had a Flowstone Crusher and a Spineless Thug and Long is at 6 with a newly cast Primeval Shambler. Kyle attacks and forces Long to chump block. Rose plays Alley Grifters to chump the Hollow Warriors who will be activated by the fading Defender en Vec. Long topdecks a Mageta's Boon to boost his Charm Peddler for the two points he needs to win on his turn.

Mike Long defeats Kyle Rose 2-0

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