Round 13: Ed Fear vs. Aaron Forsythe U/B vs. U/W

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By Randy Buehler

Ed Fear is a store owner from Rochester, New York with a lot of experience on the Pro Tour, but not a lot else on his resume as a player. This weekend, however, he has been a one man wrecking ball, taking out 3 of the four members of the U.S. National team. In Friday's first round he got paired against Aaron Forsythe and got to try to finish the sweep. Both players were 9-3 and in the teens in the standings when the round started.

Fear shouted "Viva la France!" when Forsythe was forced to mulligan before game 1. He then played turn 1 Peat Bog, turn 2 Rain of Tears, and turn 3 Chilling Apparition. Fear claims the Apparition is the best card in the format and his mono-black deck is designed to take maximum advantage of it. Rain of Tears and Despoil prevent the opponent from playing any blockers, Vendetta and Snuff Out prevent the opponent from keeping any in play, and Dark Ritual plus Peat Bog give him the mana acceleration he needs to stay a step ahead in this process. Game 1 went exactly according to his plan. He made Forsythe discard five cards while killing his land and his blockers. Fear did have to stop and think when Forsythe's apparently mono-blue deck discarded a Wave of Reckoning. Forsythe also made him pause by casting Gush as a response to a Despoil. Despite these setbacks, though, fear had no trouble attacking and winning once he Ritualed out Greel and then Thrashing Wumpus. Forsythe never got to four mana until the game was already over.

Game 2 was similarly quick. Fear played two Peat Bogs and then turn three Primeval Shambler. Forsythe lost his turn 3 Waterfront Bouncer to Vicious Hunger and then fear Ritualed out a Thrashing Wumpus. Topple dealt with the Shambler, but fear played a Chilling Apparition and Forsythe couldn't keep a blocker in play through Fear's error-effects. Fear just kept attacking and soon the match was over and the sweep was complete.

"It's a tight little deck ... I like it," commented Fear afterwards almost apologetically. "It's an original Mark LePine design-I have to give credit where credit is due."

Fear 2 (now 10-3)

Forsythe 0 (now 9-4)

This just in - Ed Fear confused Frank Hernandez with someone else and never actually played the junior member of the U.S. team. The score is actually:

Fear 3


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