Round 13: Yann Hamon vs. Chris Benafel U/W Control vs. Blue Beatdown

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By Randy Buehler

In the first round of the Masques Block Constructed (MBC), the French National Champion Yann Hamon faced the U.S. Nationals runner-up, Chris Benafel. Hamon was playing a white and blue control deck, while Benafel had chosen to go with Blue Beatdown.

Unfortunately, the match didn't start out well for the Frenchman. He double mulliganed and failed to draw more than one land for the entire game, and Benafel won easily.

Hamon 0 - Benafel 1

In the second game, Hamon kept his draw. He played two islands and cast Accumulated Knowledge during Chris' end of turn step, laying more lands during the next two turns. Chris didn't exactly get the killer start. He cast a turn one Seal of Removal, but was slowed down a bit by failing to lay a land during turn three. Fortunately, he drew into lands and cast a turn four Drake Hatchling, which was counterspelled by Hamon.

The French Champion let him keep the next Hatchling, and Benafel also cast a Waterfront Bouncer. Hamon thought for a while, but didn't counter it. Instead, he tapped out to cast Dominate during Benafel's end of turn step, targeting the Bouncer. Benafel pondered on it for a while, and eventually chose to return an island to his hand to Daze the Dominate.

Hamon then Toppled the Drake Hatchling, but Benafel bounced it by using his Seal of Removal. The Hatchling was back during Chris' next turn, and it was followed by a Troublesome Spirit that also slipped through. Hamon, now looking for answers to the growing army on the opposite side of the table, cast Accumulated Knowledge and then played his first creature of the game, a Drake Hatchling. One single creature wasn't enough to hold off Benafel's beats, so he also played a Wave of Reckoning even though the only creature it killed was Benafel's Bouncer.

But Benafel had more creatures to cast, and slapped down a Rishadan Airship and another Waterfront Bouncer. Hamon Wave of Reckoned again to kill the two creatures before they could attack, but they were simply replaced by a Ribbon Snake.

Eventually, Hamon dropped a Mageta the Lion, hoping to clear the table. But Benafel promptly returned three lands to his hand to cast his last card, a Thwart. Hamon had a single Drake Hatchling that he cast, but that didn't prevent Benafel from attacking and bringing him down to two life. Drawing nothing useful during his own next turn, Hamon scooped.

Hamon 0 - Benafel 2

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