Round 15: Darwin Kastle vs. Dave Humpherys YMG White vs. YMG White

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By Pete Norris

Darwin and Dave are both part of Team Your Move Games, Darwin being the current leader in the Pro player of the year race and Dave was part of the team that won Pro Tour Washington. The pair were playing a mirror match, each piloting the team White deck, which had both control and beatdown. Before the match started Darwin offered a 'No sideboard' pact, but Humpherys refused. Darwin took this to mean that Dave thought he'd sideboard better, and proceeded to trash talk him for a while. Before the match though, it was quite clear that Dave knew the deck better, and Darwin was expecting to have to draw well to win.

Game 1

Darwin won the dice roll and kept his opening hand, while Dave decided to Mulligan. Darwin asked if it was a strategic mulligan and Dave said it was. Darwin looked a little worried, but after Dave said he was happy with his hand, they started to play. On his first 2 turns Kastle played land and did nothing else, while Dave made a Steadfast Guard. Kastle made a 3rd turn Idol, which was cleansed in Dave's Turn. The guard served for 2, and Dave said go. Kastle did nothing on turn 4, while Humphery's made a second guard and again served, putting Darwin on 16. On turn 5, Darwin had still not kept a permanent in play other than land, while Humpherys served for 4 and made his 3rd Steadfast Guard. Kastle decided that the Guards were becoming too much of a threat, and so made Parallax wave, hoping to hold them off until he could get off the back foot. Humphery's charged with his guys, 2 of which Kastle waved out, the third beating for 2, leaving Kastle at 10. Humphery's then made Guard number 4 bringing a laugh from Kastle. Darwin's turn 7 was much like the rest, he played a land and said go, while Humphery's attacked again with his Steadfast Army, one of whom was faded out, the other beating for 2. Darwin was at 8 with no permanents but 6 cards in hand, while Dave was at 20 with 3 waved out guards, one active guard and 5 cards in hand. Dave made Defender en Vec, which Kastle afterlifed in Dave's end step. Kastle drew and made Chimeric Idol, after first making seal of cleansing. Dave again cleansed the Idol and attacked with the spirit token and the Guard, leaving Darwin at 5 life and one counter on the wave. Kastle drew his card and scooped.

Darwin Kastle 0 - 1 Dave Humpherys

Game 2

In Game 2 Kastle opened early with the Steadfast Guard, while Humpherys made Seal of Cleansing. Kastle disenchanted the Seal and cast a Chimeric Idol on turn 4. Humpherys showed that he had also boarded in disenchants, taking out the Idol in Kastle's end step, before making one of his own. Darwin tried to win the Legend war casting his Mageta on turn 5, but Dave cast the only Wave of Reckoning he boarded in to kill it and the guard before beating with the Idol. Darwin did nothing on turn 6, and Humpherys made his own Mageta on his next turn. The pair then both made Defenders en Vec while Mageta and the Idol served, leaving Darwin on 11 life. Kastle cast a second Defender which was enough for Humpherys to hold back and Wrath in Darwin's end step. He then served with the Idol and Mageta, putting Kastle on 5. Darwin again does nothing, while Humpherys made his Parallax wave, and when he attacked with the Idol and Mageta, he afterlifed the Idol, which got waved out, leaving himself on 2. Darwin futily cast a Jewelled spirit in his turn, and after he had sacced all of his land to keep it in play, Humpherys Wrathed and killed him next turn.

Darwin Kastle 0 -2 Dave Humphreys

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