Round 17: Sigurd Eskeland vs. Zvi Mowshowitz Rising Waters vs. Rising Waters

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By Craig Jones

In round 17 Norway's Sigurd Eskeland met USA's Zvi Mowshowitz. Eskeland won Pro Tour New York this year at this very same format. That deck was designed by Team Mogg Squad, of which Mowshowitz is also a member. Today Mogg Squad have brought another deck, another waters variant, but this one plays a lot differently...

Game one saw both players trade off early bouncers. On both sides two bouncers each manage to bash themselves senseless. Mowshowitz has a third though, but he is facing down an airship and then Eskeland casts a troubled Spirit. This is exactly what Mowshowitz wants to see as he lays the edge, his 4th land, and proves he has it with a devastating rising waters. The ensuing counter war leaves Eskeland with no hand and Moshowitz no islands. But the waters is on the table and Eskeland's troublesome spirit looks especially troublesome for the wrong reasons. Obligingly, Mowshowitz sends Eskeland's airforce back to the hangar. Out comes the Chimeric Idol, and the tank crushes Eskeland.

(game length 5 mins)

Game 2. Eskeland attempts to cast one of his sideboard cards, a flowstone armor (the bouncer chopper). Mowshowitz tries to daze, but casts it and is tapped out so Eskeland can daze back by returning an island. The armor looks ineffective against a tank though and the Troublesome Spirit doesn't hit the table to stop the idol rumbling in. Eskeland is not finished as he lays first a bouncer and then a second spirit that Mowshowitz can't stop. He has to lay a spirit of his own. Eskeland attempts to cast a third, Moshowitz is thwarted in his attempts to thwart it. Now he has only one land on the table and when his own spirit gets bounced the tank is left to watch helpless as two troublesome spirits storm over the top.

(game length 5 mins)

Game 3.

Mowshowitz went turn 3 idol, turn 4 idol, turn 5 troublesome spirit, turn 6 3rd idol!! Eskeland tried to keep up but his squadron of various balloons couldn't get through a spiky looking spirit and floated helplessly above a battlefield that belonged solely to the tanks.

And I thought blue decks were supposed to be slow. The beatings dished out by these decks in the three games would have scared off most green mages. The whole match -- and it was supposed to be waters on waters remember -- lasted less than twenty minutes. Brutal!

Afterwards Mowshowitz mentioned this addition of power had made the matchup a little more random, and that the dice roll (Mowshowitz won) or decks would be the deciding factor rather than play skills. Once losing it would be virtually impossible to turn the game around. The only difference between the decks was that Mowshowitz played an extra flowstone armor in his sideboard.

Mowshowitz 2 (now 37 pts)

Eskeland 1 (now 34 pts)

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