Round 18: Bob Maher, Jr. vs. Zvi Mowshowitz Rising Waters vs. Rising Waters

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By Brian Hacker

Bob Maher wanted a draw to make the top 8. Mowshowitz couldn't do it because he needed a win to make the top 8, so the match would get played. Game 1 began with Maher going first and dropping a Silt Crawler, then a second Silt Crawler, and Snuffing Out Mowshowitz's Chimeric Idol. Mowshowitz dropped a Stronghold Zeppelin on the fourth turn, but that was no threat for the 2 Idols on Maher's side. Moshowitz Gushed on his next turn, hoping to find an answer and came up with a Waterfront Bouncer. The Bouncer needed protection though, as Maher tried to Vendetta it twice. Mowshowitz Thwarted the first attempted, leaving him with no land in play. The second Vendetta went off and Maher was up 2-0.

The second game was hardly one at all. Maher never found a fourth land and all 3 of the land he did draw were forests. Maher discarded twice before conceding. Mowshowitz probably could have one a million different ways. He did with a Chimeric Idol, Troublesome Spirit and a Spiketail Hatchling.

Now the crucial third game. The winner would make the final 8, the loser would be listening to me on Sunday (bah!). Maher used Vendetta on an early Waterfront Bouncer and then dropped a Chimeric Idol turn 3. Mowshowitz unfortunately had no third land in hand, and was forced to Gush. He dropped a Chimeric Idol, but things looked bleak. The next 3 turns were pretty amazing. After the Idols traded, Maher would drop Blastoderm, Saproling Burst, Saproling Burst. All 3 would be countered by Daze, with Mowshowitz needing to return his only land to his hand. After countering all three, it looked like the tide might turn in Mowshowitz's favor, but Thrashing Wumpus came out, and Mowshowitz had no counter this time. The Wumpus made short work of Mowshowitz, with Maher using a Snuff out on a Troublesome Spirit to clear the way. Game 3, Match, Top 8 to Bob Maher, Jr!

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