Round 2: David Humpherys vs. Bob Maher Jr. Tinker vs. Accelerated Blue

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By Craig Jones

Round 2 saw the match up between two prominent American players. David Humpherys is part of the Your Move Games team which won the first team PT in Chicago. On the solo front Humpherys is a consistent Pro Tour regular with a top 4 finish in New York '99. Bob Maher Jr. won both PT Chicago '99 and GP Seattle with Counter Oath. The match up saw 2 blue decks utilizing different strategies. Maher Jr. was playing a Tinker deck that uses fast artifact mana combined with tinker to bring large threats into play very quickly, aiming to either lock down his opponent with Mishra's Helix or beat them to death quickly with Phyrexian Processor. In contrast Humpherys was playing Accelerated Blue, which also has Grim Monoliths for mana acceleration but aims to control its opponent through counter Magic. This match up would be all about whether Maher Jr. could slip a bomb through Humpherys counter defenses

After mulliganing in game 1 Maher Jr. missed land drops on turns 3 and 4 and was looking precarious with only a Port and Saprazzan Skerry on the table. Meanwhile Humpherys had patiently been laying islands and then a Powder Keg for defense. Although Maher Jr. was able to bring a Tangle Wire and monolith onto the table the Skerry was destroyed and Humpherys still had enough islands untapped to annul the Processor. The Monolith was kegged a turn later leaving Maher Jr.. desperately short of mana. Once he finally drew another blue mana source Humpherys had a counter for his Tinker and when the Morphling hit the table next turn Maher Jr. was left with no option but to scoop.

Game 2 was a virtual rerun. Maher laid a Skerry and another island and then his deck decided to give him no more land. The turn 2 metalworker might have helped if Humpherys hadn't had an Annul. A Grim Monolith went the same way taking the Skerry with it and leaving Maher Jr. with only an island. That was all the land he saw and a Morphling finished him off in quick fashion a few turns later.

Humphries 2 (now 2-0)

Maher Jr. 0 (now 1-1)

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