Round 2 Pairings (by Team)

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By Wizards of the Coast

#I Magic0vsI am Jack's Team0
#realgangstas0vsUne Leche De FBI0
$30 Cab Fare3vsTeam Clasp3
$42 Ticket0* AWARDED BYE *
100 Super Good Fun Time0* AWARDED BYE *
3 for Flinching3vsScorned for Sega3
3 White Boys from the Stix3vsOne Turn Too Late3
5 Ways Worse than Portent0* AWARDED BYE *
A Little Too Sick0* AWARDED BYE ** AWARDED BYE * Creeps3
Antarctica0* AWARDED BYE *
Azz Izz0vs3 X Threat0
Big Dogs0* AWARDED BYE *
Breaking Waves3vsTeam Primate3
Car Acrobatic Team0* AWARDED BYE *
Chi0vsTwo Trees Good0
Chico's Bail Bonds0vsPhat Wallet0
Collector's Corner0vsLucky Lotus0
Coup de Foudre0vsTeam Salmon0
Crystal Pepsi3vsWhere's Josh?3
Dark Disciples0vsTeam Acme Smackdown0
Deadguy3vsTwo Guys a Girl and a GP3
Don't You Hate Pants3vsThe O-men3
Team Flees3vsMagical Bullies3
Dynasty0* AWARDED BYE *
Egghead Games Inc.3vsBlack Dog3
Empty G's3vsSped3
Eternal Nightmares3vsRide or Die3
European Alliance0* AWARDED BYE *
Family Games Center0* AWARDED BYE *
Fat Whitey's Anonymous0vsThe Cyder House Coalition0
Frog Eaters0* AWARDED BYE *
Good Cards0vsCrouching Tiger0
Grape Apes1vsMom has the kids...again0
Horse You Rode In On3vsTwo Guys and Rodemann3
Hot Fungusaur Invasion 2K13vsTeam Joe3
House of Usher0vswww.teamacademy.com0
Howling Wolf0* BYE *
Huey Brock and Linde0* AWARDED BYE *
I Did0vsBungle0
I Don't Care0* AWARDED BYE *
Jovial Evil3vsWheat and Rye3
Just Concede0* AWARDED BYE *
Ka-Tet0vsThe Collective0
Left Cheek Sneak3vsBags3
Let's Get Dirty0* AWARDED BYE *
Madam Fishnut3vsDu Hast3
Merlin Berlin3vsThanks Craig and Seth3
PC Load Letter0* AWARDED BYE *
Phantom Tollbooth1vsZombie Josh Bennett0
Phoenix Rising3vswww.geddescooper.com3
Potato Nation0* AWARDED BYE *
Random Team 2380vsLazy Eyed Psychos0
Righteous Babe0vsTeam Chumps0
Ring Wraiths0vsUndecided0
Rug Doctors0* AWARDED BYE *
Sean Connery & the Cosmic Dw3vsConan the Barbarian3
Shaolin Sword3vsAirtight3
Shinku Hoboken0* AWARDED BYE *
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon3vsNever Was3
Spastik Monkees0vsIt Doesn't Matter0
Suboptimal3vsBallet Symposium3
Table 450* AWARDED BYE *
Team $20 Dolla Billz0* AWARDED BYE *
Team 0-3 Lunch0vsThe Bobsquad0
Team AA3vsThe Tails3
Team Bald Dummy0* AWARDED BYE *
Team Blatant Cheaters3vsDerf3
Team C+D3vsWho's the Other Dude3
Team Cereberus0vsTeam Trout0
Team Egghead0* AWARDED BYE *
Team HobbyTown0* AWARDED BYE *
Team John F. Rizzo3vssuperstarsnet.com3
Team Lucky Frog0vsThe Stonecutters0
Team Needs a Hotel Room3vsUnholy Trinity3
Team Nose Guy0vsHighlanders0
Team Skillz0vsHannah's Games0
Team Sports Bench3vs52803
Team Time Capsule3vsA Few Good Men3
The Ancient Kavus0* AWARDED BYE *
The Flagbearers0vsThe Aybabtu Clan0
The Grunties0* AWARDED BYE *
The Hubbsucker Proxy3vsSweet Jeebus3
The Ken Ho All-Stars0* AWARDED BYE *
Titans0vsBill Bixby's Bill Bixby0
Tristate3vsTeam Dueling Ground3
Two Geeks and a Lumberjack3vs3 Stooges3
Unexpected Treasure0vsMagic0
Vodalian War Machine3vsCherry3
Wasted Beebles0vsInfinite Monkeys0
Wretch3vsTeam Disgruntled Hobos3
www.5color.com0* AWARDED BYE *
Your Move Games0* AWARDED BYE *

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