Round 2 Results (by Team)

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By Wizards of the Coast

TeamResult Opponent
#I MagicWon 2-1vsI am Jack's Team
#realgangstasWon 2-1vsUne Leche De FBI
$30 Cab FareLost 0-2vsTeam Clasp
$42 Ticket * Awarded Bye *
100 Super Good Fun Time * Awarded Bye *
3 for FlinchingLost 0-3vsScorned for Sega
3 StoogesLost 1-2vsTwo Geeks and a Lumberjack
3 White Boys from the StixWon 2-1vsOne Turn Too Late
3 X ThreatLost 1-2vsAzz Izz
5 Ways Worse than Portent * Awarded Bye *
5280Won 1-0vsTeam Sports Bench
A Few Good MenWon 3-0vsTeam Time Capsule
A Little Too Sick * Awarded Bye *
AirtightLost 1-2vsShaolin Sword * Awarded Bye * 1-2vsCavity Creeps
Antarctica * Awarded Bye *
AustihaibingWon 3-0vsRookies
Azz IzzWon 2-1vs3 X Threat
BagsWon 3-0vsLeft Cheek Sneak
Ballet SymposiumWon 2-1vsSuboptimal
Big Dogs * Awarded Bye *
Bill Bixby's Bill BixbyWon 2-0vsTitans
Black DogLost 1-2vsEgghead Games Inc.
Breaking WavesWon 2-1vsTeam Primate
BungleLost 0-3vsI Did
Car Acrobatic Team * Awarded Bye *
Cavity CreepsWon
CherryLost 0-2vsVodalian War Machine
ChiLost 0-3vsTwo Trees Good
Chico's Bail BondsWon 2-1vsPhat Wallet
Collector's CornerWon 3-0vsLucky Lotus
Conan the BarbarianWon 2-0vsSean Connery & the Cosmic Dw
Coup de FoudreLost 0-3vsTeam Salmon
Crouching TigerLost 1-2vsGood Cards
Crystal PepsiWon 2-1vsWhere's Josh?
CyanideWon 2-1vsPierced
Dark DisciplesLost 1-2vsTeam Acme Smackdown
DeadguyWon 2-1vsTwo Guys a Girl and a GP
DerfWon 2-1vsTeam Blatant Cheaters
Don't You Hate PantsLost 1-2vsThe O-men
Du HastLost 1-2vsMadam Fishnut
Team FleesWon 2-1vsMagical Bullies
Dynasty * Awarded Bye *
Egghead Games Inc.Won 2-1vsBlack Dog
Empty G'sLost 1-2vsSped
Eternal NightmaresLost 0-3vsRide or Die
European Alliance * Awarded Bye *
Family Games Center * Awarded Bye *
Fat Whitey's AnonymousWon 2-1vsThe Cyder House Coalition
Frog Eaters * Awarded Bye *
Good CardsWon 2-1vsCrouching Tiger
Grape ApesWon 2-1vsMom has the kids...again
Hannah's GamesDrew 1-1vsTeam Skillz
HighlandersLost 0-3vsTeam Nose Guy
Horse You Rode In OnWon 2-1vsTwo Guys and Rodemann
Hot Fungusaur Invasion 2K1Won 3-0vsTeam Joe
House of UsherLost
Howling Wolf * BYE *
Huey Brock and Linde * Awarded Bye *
I am Jack's TeamLost 1-2vs#I Magic
I DidWon 3-0vsBungle
I Don't Care * Awarded Bye *
Infinite MonkeysLost 0-3vsWasted Beebles
It Doesn't MatterWon 2-1vsSpastik Monkees
Jovial EvilWon 2-1vsWheat and Rye
Just Concede * Awarded Bye *
Ka-TetLost 1-2vsThe Collective
Lazy Eyed PsychosWon 3-0vsRandom Team 238
Left Cheek SneakLost 0-3vsBags
Let's Get Dirty * Awarded Bye *
Lucky LotusLost 0-3vsCollector's Corner
Madam FishnutWon 2-1vsDu Hast
MagicLost 1-2vsUnexpected Treasure
Magical BulliesLost 1-2vsTeam Flees
Merlin BerlinLost 0-3vsThanks Craig and Seth
Mom has the kids...againLost 1-2vsGrape Apes
Never WasLost 1-2vsSix Degrees of Kevin Bacon
One Turn Too LateLost 1-2vs3 White Boys from the Stix
PC Load Letter * Awarded Bye *
Phantom TollboothWon 2-1vsZombie Josh Bennett
Phat WalletLost 1-2vsChico's Bail Bonds
Phoenix RisingWon
PiercedLost 1-2vsCyanide
Potato Nation * Awarded Bye *
Random Team 238Lost 0-3vsLazy Eyed Psychos
Ride or DieWon 3-0vsEternal Nightmares
Righteous BabeLost 1-2vsTeam Chumps
Ring WraithsLost 1-2vsUndecided
RookiesLost 0-3vsAustihaibing
Rug Doctors * Awarded Bye *
ScoopWon 2-1vsYellow
Scorned for SegaWon 3-0vs3 for Flinching
Sean Connery & the Cosmic DLost 0-2vsConan the Barbarian
Shaolin SwordWon 2-1vsAirtight
Shinku Hoboken * Awarded Bye *
Six Degrees of Kevin BaconWon 2-1vsNever Was
Spastik MonkeesLost 1-2vsIt Doesn't Matter
SpedWon 2-1vsEmpty G's
SuboptimalLost 1-2vsBallet Symposium
superstarsnet.comLost 1-2vsTeam John F. Rizzo
Sweet JeebusLost 0-3vsThe Hubbsucker Proxy
Table 45 * Awarded Bye *
Team $20 Dolla Billz * Awarded Bye *
Team 0-3 LunchWon 3-0vsThe Bobsquad
Team AALost 1-2vsThe Tails
Team Acme SmackdownWon 2-1vsDark Disciples
Team Bald Dummy * Awarded Bye *
Team Blatant CheatersLost 1-2vsDerf
Team C+DLost 0-3vsWho's the Other Dude
Team CereberusLost 0-3vsTeam Trout
Team ChumpsWon 2-1vsRighteous Babe
Team ClaspWon 2-0vs$30 Cab Fare
Team Disgruntled HobosLost 0-2vsWretch
Team Dueling GroundLost 1-2vsTristate
Team Egghead * Awarded Bye *
Team HobbyTown * Awarded Bye *
Team JoeLost 0-3vsHot Fungusaur Invasion 2K1
Team John F. RizzoWon
Team Lucky FrogWon 3-0vsThe Stonecutters
Team Needs a Hotel RoomWon 2-1vsUnholy Trinity
Team Nose GuyWon 3-0vsHighlanders
Team PrimateLost 1-2vsBreaking Waves
Team SalmonWon 3-0vsCoup de Foudre
Team SkillzDrew 1-1vsHannah's Games
Team Sports BenchLost 0-1vs5280
Team Time CapsuleLost 0-3vsA Few Good Men
Team TroutWon 3-0vsTeam Cereberus
Thanks Craig and SethWon 3-0vsMerlin Berlin
The Ancient Kavus * Awarded Bye *
The Aybabtu ClanLost 0-3vsThe Flagbearers
The BobsquadLost 0-3vsTeam 0-3 Lunch
The CollectiveWon 2-1vsKa-Tet
The Cyder House CoalitionLost 1-2vsFat Whitey's Anonymous
The FlagbearersWon 3-0vsThe Aybabtu Clan
The Grunties * Awarded Bye *
The Hubbsucker ProxyWon 3-0vsSweet Jeebus
The Ken Ho All-Stars * Awarded Bye *
The O-menWon 2-1vsDon't You Hate Pants
The StonecuttersLost 0-3vsTeam Lucky Frog
The TailsWon 2-1vsTeam AA
TitansLost 0-2vsBill Bixby's Bill Bixby
TristateWon 2-1vsTeam Dueling Ground
Two Geeks and a LumberjackWon 2-1vs3 Stooges
Two Guys a Girl and a GPLost 1-2vsDeadguy
Two Guys and RodemannLost 1-2vsHorse You Rode In On
Two Trees GoodWon 3-0vsChi
UndecidedWon 2-1vsRing Wraiths
Une Leche De FBILost 1-2vs#realgangstas
Unexpected TreasureWon 2-1vsMagic
Unholy TrinityLost 1-2vsTeam Needs a Hotel Room
Vodalian War MachineWon 2-0vsCherry
Wasted BeeblesWon 3-0vsInfinite Monkeys
Wheat and RyeLost 1-2vsJovial Evil
Where's Josh?Lost 1-2vsCrystal Pepsi
Who's the Other DudeWon 3-0vsTeam C+D
WretchWon 2-0vsTeam Disgruntled Hobos * Awarded Bye *
www.geddescooper.comLost 1-2vsPhoenix Rising
www.teamacademy.comWon 2-1vsHouse of Usher
YellowLost 1-2vsScoop
Your Move Games * Awarded Bye *
Zombie Josh BennettLost 1-2vsPhantom Tollbooth

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