Round 2 Results (by Team)

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By Wizards of the Coast

TeamResult Opponent
3,141596 *Won 3-0vsmyleniens gold *
Absolute Samuels * Awarded Bye *
Accellerated Vares8 VolanteWon 2-1vssuicideboard *
AgifalwWon 2-1vsKavu Furetts * * Awarded Bye *
Altrove *Won 2-1vsWe win with win *
AmsterdamWon 2-0-1vsFuretto team *
AngstschreeuwWon 2-1vsCAP games Team *
Asani *Lost 0-3vsLa 139 *
Babar Team *Lost 0-3vstrash AAA
Birds of paradiseWon 2-1vsDech'team *
Black-Ops * Awarded Bye *
Bologna Demolition Team * Awarded Bye *
Budellos *Lost 1-2vsTroppo il migliore *
Burning BernWon 2-1vsSilvani
Calvo destinyLost 1-2vsLast minute *
Calvo's LegacyWon 2-1vsTapa chilu *
CAP games Team *Lost 1-2vsAngstschreeuw
Ci Ciapem I DanéWon 2-1vsZagatounga
Cosmopolitan * Awarded Bye *
Dech'team *Lost 1-2vsBirds of paradise
Dirty arbouze *Lost 1-2vsMad
Do you enjoy it ?Won 3-0vsMad Beasts *
F3BoPDrew 1-1-1vsSur une idée de julien silve
Fumetteria Gabriele *Won 2-1vsNether Spirits
Furetto team *Lost 0-2-1vsAmsterdam
Gothic avengers *Won 2-1vsTo late team *
gotta catch Kai * Awarded Bye *
I 3 ciccioniWon 2-1vsThe lucky squad *
Iguane pelose *Won 3-0vsmade in annecy *
Insomniax *Lost 0-2-1vsPlat 2
Is on my mind *Lost 1-2vsVintara
Kavu Furetts *Lost 1-2vsAgifalw
killers of the CoastWon 2-1vszyrberus
La 139 *Won 3-0vsAsani *
La Sauss'bac Team *Won 2-1vsThree K *
Last minute *Won 2-1vsCalvo destiny
Les KerlutinhoëcsLost 1-2vsProfanity PDPM toscana *
les myleniens 2 *Drew 1-1-1vsTenebra *
library of alessandria *Won 2-1vsSaffidi *
library of alexandria 2Won 2-1vsSAR 666
MadWon 2-1vsDirty arbouze *
Mad Beasts *Lost 0-3vsDo you enjoy it ?
made in annecy *Lost 0-3vsIguane pelose *
Magic Skebe *Won 3-0vsNeurone one *
Melange *Lost 1-2vsUranus
Metagames/LNT * Awarded Bye *
mule team *Lost 1-2vsPezzati *
Mwonvuli GangWon 3-0vsTauromachia
myleniens gold *Lost 0-3vs3,141596 *
Nether SpiritsLost 1-2vsFumetteria Gabriele *
Neurone one *Lost 0-3vsMagic Skebe *
Never judge a lizard *Drew 1-1-1vsos trolhas
one day fly * Awarded Bye *
os trolhasDrew 1-1-1vsNever judge a lizard *
OSEO *Lost 1-2vsRin-tin *
Pal Company * BYE *
PannaburstDrew 1-1-1vsStuchkaccolites *
Pantere nere *Won 2-1vsVonHintenteam *
Pensaci Tu * Awarded Bye *
Pezzati *Won 2-1vsmule team *
Picenza team *Lost 0-3vsSwiss rocks allstars *
Plat 2Won 2-0-1vsInsomniax *
Profanity PDPMLost 1-2vsSing Along party *
Profanity PDPM toscana *Won 2-1vsLes Kerlutinhoëcs
Qui quo qua *Won 2-1vsSaletta Team *
Rin-tin *Won 2-1vsOSEO *
Saffidi *Lost 1-2vslibrary of alessandria *
Saletta Team *Lost 1-2vsQui quo qua *
SAR 666Lost 1-2vslibrary of alexandria 2
SilvaniLost 1-2vsBurning Bern
Sing Along party *Won 2-1vsProfanity PDPM
Stuchkaccolites *Drew 1-1-1vsPannaburst
suicideboard *Lost 1-2vsAccellerated Vares8 Volante
Sur une idée de julien silvDrew 1-1-1vsF3BoP
Swiss rocks allstars *Won 3-0vsPicenza team *
Tapa chilu *Lost 1-2vsCalvo's Legacy
TauromachiaLost 0-3vsMwonvuli Gang
Team Clegg * Awarded Bye *
Team 25:17Won 2-1vsVinh School
Tenebra *Drew 1-1-1vsles myleniens 2 *
Terminate *Lost 0-3vsWazaaa *
The FeeblesWon 2-1vsViperin *
The lucky squad *Lost 1-2vsI 3 ciccioni
Three K *Lost 1-2vsLa Sauss'bac Team *
To late team *Lost 1-2vsGothic avengers *
Token king teamWon 2-1vsTriumviri
trash AAAWon 3-0vsBabar Team *
TriumviriLost 1-2vsToken king team
Troppo il migliore *Won 2-1vsBudellos *
Two men and a baby ! * Awarded Bye *
UranusWon 2-1vsMelange *
Vinh SchoolLost 1-2vsTeam 25:17
VintaraWon 2-1vsIs on my mind *
Viperin *Lost 1-2vsThe Feebles
VonHintenteam *Lost 1-2vsPantere nere *
Wazaaa *Won 3-0vsTerminate *
We win with win *Lost 1-2vsAltrove * * Awarded Bye *
ZagatoungaLost 1-2vsCi Ciapem I Dané
zyrberusLost 1-2vskillers of the Coast

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