Round 3 Feature Match - Eddie Anderson vs. Jay Klingler

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By Wizards of the Coast

One of the Pro Tour players' favorite Super Series Players, 'Fast' Eddie Anderson from just outside Chicago faced off against Jay Klingler, a regular at Neutral Ground Altanta in a match pitting two 2-0 Trinity decks against one another. Unfortunately, this matchup came down to Eddie's ability to draw land amidst Jay's inability to do so.

Game one saw Jay, playing first, mulligan down to six, when he decided to keep an opening hand with Rishadan Port as his only mana producer along with a hopeful Llanowar Elf. To Jay's regret, his gamble didn't pay off as he went four turns without drawing a land before conceding in the face of a Deranged Hermit

Game two went better for Jay, starting off with a Llanowar Elves on turn one, followed by a Bird of Paradise and Rishadan Port on turn two. With five mana at his disposal on turn 3, Jay cast a Deranged Hermit which he paid echo on, and two turns later, after Eddie cast one of his own, Jay cast his sideboarded Lumbering Satyr and rushed in with all of his 3/3 Squirrels for the win.

Game three saw Jay once again forced to take a mulligan only to watch as eddie played a Tangle Wire to Jay's one land, effectively crippling him while Eddie developed. Soon, Masticore was in play, killing Jay's Birds and Elves and soon Plowe Under set Jay back enough that there was no catching up.

Anderson 2-1

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