Round 3: Svend Geertsen vs. Noah Boeken Red Deck Wins vs. Tangle Wire Stompy

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By Pete Norris

Svend and Noah are very good friends, and to meet in the 3rd round was a bit of a blow. Both having 0-2 starts, they both need the win badly to get back in contention. Svend is playing Red Deck Wins, while Noah is playing the Tangle Wire Stompy deck that won him the European Championships. They had tested the match up extensively over the past 6 days, and Svend had won 95% of the matches, however, Noah was still full of trash talk as they started game 1. Noah won the dice roll and elected to go second.

Game 1 Svend opened with a Cadet, while Noah played a forest, and said go. Svend played his Port, but elected not to attack, fearing the Vine Dryad. Noah played a second forest, but had still not cast a creature. Svend top decked a second mountain and pillaged a Forest, Leaving Noah with only 1 land and no creatures. Noah drew and played his Cradle, but still had no creatures in play. Svend pillages Noah's second forest to ensure that he couldn't do anything, meanwhile waiting to draw another beatdown creature. Noah cast the Vine Dryad at the end of Svend's turn, so he could use his cradle, and Rancors his Vine Dryad and beats for three. Noah didn't lay another land, leaving him in a very precarious position. Svend then started beating down with the Cadets, and Hammered Noah's only creature, ensuring the manascrew was complete. Noah couldn't recover, and with the help of the Port, Svend deprives Noah of all mana, as his Cadets and Rhystic lightning finish him off.

Game 2

Noah decided to go first in game 2, but opened cautiously, not casting a creature until he used Vine Dryad to kill a Patrol. Svend tried to finish off the Dryad, but Noah had the Giant Growth. Turn 3 Noah made a river boa, which died next turn when Svend made his port. Noah only had one green left open to regenerate, so Svend ported the forest, announced his attack, and killed the Boa in response to the regeneration shield. Noah then decided to cast some threats, including an Orangutan and a Rushwood Legate that he had sideboarded in. Svend then used up some burn, killing the Dryad with a Hammer and the Monkey with a seal of fire. Noah had no more creatures in his hand, so started beating down with a Treetop Village and the Legate. Svend Answers with a Balduvian Horde and a Kris Mage, which proceed to kill Noah's only threats and put Noah out of his misery.

Svend Geertsen 2 - 0 Noah Boeken

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