Round 4 Feature Match - Jon Chan vs. Lenny Collins

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Liam Coltman

Former Australian team member Lenny Collins was paired up with one of the hottest picks to make the 2000 Nationals team, Jon Chan. Although not so well-known overseas, Jon has always been a major participant in Sydney Magic tournaments and even participated in Pro Tour Chicago. Lenny Collins wins the coin toss and elects to draw.

Game 1

Both players start out in slow fashion with Jon playing two swamps and Lenny playing two plains. On turn three Jon plays a forest, casts a Chimeric Idol and passes control over to Lenny. After Lenny drops a swamp and does nothing, it's up to Jon to start the attacking. He summons a Phryexian Prowler, tapping himself out and sends in the idol, which is then excised. The two then take turns laying land and summoning creatures. Jon attacks with the provider and summons a Darba, while Lenny casts a Parallax Dementia on his thug, attacks for five and brings in the Lawbringer. Jon puts a Dementia of his own on his prowler and the two begin trading blows, with Lenny chump blocking the Darba with his Lightbringer.

In an attempt to curb the bleeding Lenny casts a Shield Dancer, but it's too late as Jon casts an Invigorate on his unblocked braced Darba, ending game one.

Game 2

Despite drawing first and getting outraced, Lenny decides that the best chance his deck has is to draw again. Jon leads with turn one Deepwood Wolverine, while Lenny plays land for two turns and takes the wolverine beatdown. On turn three Jon summons a Rib-Cage Spider, which is answered with a Shield Dancer from Lenny. While Jon attacks with his wolverine and spider for the next two turns, Lenny casts a Charm Peddler and a Diving Griffin. Jon then brings out Darba again on turn six while Lenny answers with an Aura Fracture, which he had boarded in to try and help him deal with Parallax Dementia and Treetop Bracers. When Jon casts Flowstone Armor the two players sit back for three turns, with Lenny building up his defence with Wall of Distortion. By turn twelve the two boards are as follows, Lenny has the Wall, Diving Griffin and Shield Dancer, while Jon has Rib-Cage Spider, Darba, wolverine and armor. Jon then attacks with the Spider, the wolverine and Darba and Lenny chooses to only block the spider, taking his life down to 7. Lenny finally gets his rebel and merc engine going but its too late as the Darba and the spider crash their way to victory.

Jon Chan wins 2-0

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