Round 4 Pairings (by Table)

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By Wizards of the Coast

1Hot Fungusaur Invasion 2K19vsWretch9
2Derf9vsThe Hubbsucker Proxy9
3Team Bald Dummy9vsEuropean Alliance9
45 Ways Worse than Portent9vsThe Tails9
5The Grunties9vsTeam Clasp9
6Team John F.
7Shaolin Sword9vsJust Concede9
8Team $20 Dolla Billz9vsMadam Fishnut9
10Team Needs a Hotel Room9vsTwo Geeks and a Lumberjack9
11Dynasty9vsThe Ancient Kavus9
12Conan the Barbarian9vsFrog Eaters9
13The Ken Ho All-Stars9vsJovial Evil9
14$42 Ticket9vsFamily Games Center9
15Shinku Hoboken9vsPotato Nation9
16Egghead Games Inc.9vsRide or Die9
17Your Move Games7vsGrape Apes7
18A Few Good Men7vsTable 456
19Good Cards6vsTeam Disgruntled Hobos6
20Team 0-3 Lunch6vsNever Was6
21Big Dogs6vsEmpty G's6
22Suboptimal6vsWho's the Other Dude6
23www.5color.com6vs3 White Boys from the Stix6
24Team AA6vsCrystal Pepsi6
25A Little Too Sick6vsVodalian War Machine6
26Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon6vsBlack Dog6
27Sped6vsPC Load Letter6
28Collector's Corner6vs#realgangstas6
29Huey Brock and Linde6vsTeam HobbyTown6
303 Stooges6vsScoop6
31Undecided6vsCar Acrobatic Team6
33The O-men6vsUnholy Trinity6
34I Don't Care6vsTeam Egghead6
35Team Flees6vsCyanide6
36Horse You Rode In On6vsThanks Craig and Seth6
37Merlin Berlin6vsPhoenix Rising6
38Where's Josh?6vsDeadguy6
39www.geddescooper.com6vsLeft Cheek Sneak6
40Sean Connery & the Cosmic Dw6vs100 Super Good Fun Time6
41Team Time Capsule6vsTeam Sports Bench6
42Team Dueling Ground6vsLet's Get Dirty6
43Breaking Waves6vsTeam Acme Smackdown6
44superstarsnet.com6vsBallet Symposium6
45Lazy Eyed Psychos6vsAirtight6
47Scorned for Sega6vsDu Hast6
49The Collective6vsRug Doctors6
50Cavity Creeps6vsTeam Skillz4
51Phantom Tollbooth4vsRighteous Babe3
52Phat Wallet3vsCoup de Foudre3
53Two Guys a Girl and a GP3vsTeam Primate3
54#I Magic3vsThe Flagbearers3
55Pierced3vsZombie Josh Bennett3
56Une Leche De FBI3vsWheat and Rye3
57The Stonecutters3vsIt Doesn't Matter3
58Eternal Nightmares3vsChico's Bail Bonds3
59Yellow3vsTeam C+D3
60Wasted Beebles3vsRing Wraiths3
61Random Team 2383vsHouse of Usher3
62Mom has the kids...again3vsThe Bobsquad3
63Team Salmon3vs$30 Cab Fare3
64Azz Izz3vsSweet Jeebus3
65Fat Whitey's Anonymous3vsUnexpected Treasure3
66Team Joe3vsTwo Trees Good3
67Bungle3vsTeam Trout3
68I Did3vsBill Bixby's Bill Bixby3
69Howling Wolf3vsTeam Blatant Cheaters3
70One Turn Too Late3vsTeam Nose Guy3
71Ka-Tet3vsDon't You Hate Pants3
72I am Jack's Team0vsTeam Cereberus0
73Chi0vsInfinite Monkeys0
76Hannah's Games1vs3 X Threat0
77Spastik Monkees0* BYE *

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