Round 4 Pairings (by Team)

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By Wizards of the Coast

TeamPoints OpponentPoints
3,141596 *3vsCalvo destiny3
Absolute Samuels9vsTwo men and a baby !9
AlphaBetaUnlimited.com6vssuicideboard *6
Altrove *6vsThe lucky squad *6
Angstschreeuw9vsI 3 ciccioni9
Asani *3vsAgifalw3
Birds of paradise7vsFumetteria Gabriele *6
Black-Ops6vsLa Sauss'bac Team *6
Bologna Demolition Team9vsAmsterdam9
Burning Bern9vsgotta catch Kai9
Calvo's Legacy6vszyrberus6
CAP games Team *4vsBudellos *4
Dech'team *1vsmyleniens gold *0
Dirty arbouze *3vsmade in annecy *3
Do you enjoy it ?6vsProfanity PDPM6
F3BoP4vsos trolhas4
Gothic avengers *6vsBabar Team *6
Kavu Furetts *4vsCi Ciapem I Dané4
killers of the Coast7vsStuchkaccolites *7
La 139 *6vsPezzati *6
Last minute *4vsZagatounga4
Les Kerlutinhoëcs3vsRin-tin *3
les myleniens 2 *1vsTenebra *1
library of alessandria *6vsMad6
Mad Beasts *0vsTo late team *0
Magic Skebe *3vsFuretto team *3
Melange *6vslibrary of alexandria 26
Metagames/LNT9vsToken king team7
mule team *0vsWe win with win *0
Nether Spirits6vsIs on my mind *6
one day fly9vswww.revised4th5th.com9
OSEO *3vsSaletta Team *3
Pal Company6vsSAR 6666
Pannaburst7vsTroppo il migliore *7
Pantere nere *3vsIguane pelose *3
Pensaci Tu6vsAccellerated Vares8 Volante6
Picenza team *3vsNeurone one *3
Profanity PDPM toscana *6vsCosmopolitan6
Qui quo qua *3vsNever judge a lizard *1
Saffidi *3vsPlat 23
Sur une idée de julien silve4vsSwiss rocks allstars *4
Team Clegg9vsTeam 25:179
The Feebles6vsTapa chilu *6
Three K *3vsTauromachia3
trash AAA9vsVintara9
Triumviri6vsMwonvuli Gang6
Uranus6vsSing Along party *6
Vinh School3vsWazaaa *3
Viperin *3vsSilvani3
VonHintenteam *0vsTerminate *0

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