Round 5 Feature Match: Black Ops vs. PannaBurst

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By Rui Oliveira

Black Ops

  • Olivier Ruel
  • Antoine Ruel
  • Florent Jeudon


  • Luca Chiera
  • Antonino De Rosa
  • Guido Pacifici

With two rounds to go Black Ops, who we watched building their decks a while ago, faced against one of Italy's top teams which includes Pro Tour player residing in Florida, Antonino De Rosa.

Game 1

Antonino faced of against Antoine and opened up with a Samite Pilgrim and a Tidal Visionary while Antoine played a Viashino Grappler, followed by a Mire Kavu since he could only draw Mountains.

Antonino: "Mono-red?"
Antoine: "Yep."

Meanwhile Olivier was gearing up his mana while trying to survive an onslaught of small Green and White creatures which included a Armadillo Cloaked Pincer Spider. Antoine finally found a Swamp and played a Phyrexian Bloodstock while Antonino took to the skies with a kicked Faerie Squadron, a Silver Drake and played a Sea Snidd.

Antoine: "Oops."

He sent in his Phyrexian Bloodstock, that got blocked the Snidd. The Snidd was protected by the Pilgrim. When the Bloodstock left the game it tried to take the Pilgrim and when the Visionary tried to save the White healer an Annihilate put and end to that nonsense.

Of course, trouble never comes alone and another Samite Pilgrim came into play the following turn. Ruel killed the Squadron with a Soul Burn and took another hit from the Silver Drake before Terminating the Pilgrim. Keeping with his "blow that up" spirit he used a Flametongue Kavu to kill the flying truck, Silver Drake.

With the power struggle shifting in his favor Antoine could now swing with the Grappler and added a Nightscape Apprentice to turn his Flametongue into a reusable removal machine, drawing a huge sigh from Antonino De Rosa. Still the Grappler, Flametongue and a fresh Caldera Kavu kept coming in.

Antonino: "These are big problems." One turn before conceding.

  • Olivier Ruel 0-0 Luca Chiera
  • Antoine Ruel 1-0 Antonino De Rosa
  • Florent Jeudon 0-0 Guido Pacifici

Game 2

As talked about how lucky Antoine had been to come back into the game, or how Antonino drew four straight lands in that period we sneaked a peek at the other two games. Florent had a Voice of All and a Benalish Trapper locking down Guido's Urborg Shambler and red creatures while he attacked with a Gallina's Knight. Olivier was involved in the block step from hell as he tried to balance the game after coming back from two life when he found a Cloak to suit up his Aurora Griffin.

Luca (during a ten minute attack phase): "I'm sorry. I won't attack you ever again."

Antoine took a mulligan and Antonino once opened with a Tidal Visionary followed by a Samite Pilgrim, a Lashknife Barrier and an Angelic Shield. He even commented on this highly defensive start. Meanwhile Ruel played a Phyrexian Battleflies and a Hooded Kavu. To add insult to injury Antonino then played a Crimson Acolyte and has they both laughed...

Antonino: "Do you have Void?"

He wasn't done yet: he still had another Samite Pilgrim to play! Antoine kept laughing while he played a Phyrexian Slayer and attacked with both flyers. Despite his vast array of defensive measures De Rosa was forced to use a Angelic Shield to bounce the Slayer. He then played a Benalish Trapped and sent both Samite Pilgrims in after giving them protection from Black.

Antoine tried to Soul Burn the Tidal Visionary but Antonino had everything under control with a Disrupt. The Pilgrims kept pinging the French trading blows with the Phyrexian Battleflies.

Meanwhile Olivier and Luca were still involved in the struggle to end all struggles as the French again found himself at two life facing a horde of attackers. At the far table Florent again seemed to have everything under control with a Obsidian Acolyte and a Samite Archer stopping the black army on Guido's side.

An Annihilate took out the troublesome Crimson Acolyte finally allowing Antoine to unleash his hand of red trouble into the White horde on the other side. As Antonino added a Silver Drake and Darigaaz's Attendant to his attacking party Olivier played a bomb that got the whole table laughing: Draco!

Antonino: "Hey, I'm drawing my good cards!", as he played his second Silver Drake. Antoine tapped out trying to find an answer allowing Antonino De Rosa to tap two creatures and fly in for the win. A few moments early Olivier's Draco finished a very, very tight and long game.

  • Olivier Ruel 1-0 Luca Chiera
  • Antoine Ruel 1-1 Antonino De Rosa
  • Florent Jeudon 1-0 Guido Pacifici

Game 3

De Rosa opened with an Obsidian Acolyte and a Samite Pilgrim. Antoine made a mistake when he attacked with a Hate Weaver into the Pilgrim, who gained protection from Black.

Antonino: "You are too good to make that mistake."

A Flametongue Kavu took out the Obsidian on the next turn. Antonino played a Benalish Trapper and screamed in despair when Ruel dropped a Tsabo's Assassin. He then tapped the Assassin and locked it with a Shackles. As he did this both the two other games ended with Florent Jeudon silently taking his table 2-0 and Olivier speeding up his small horde to a 2-0 victory as well.

Antonino was now playing simply for pride dropping a Silver Drake and replaying his second Samite Pilgrim. Antoine, now free of pressure kept playing creatures: Volcano Imp, Viashino Grappler and Mire Kavu. He sent them all in as soon as he could and when the Silver Drake blocked the Volcano Imp he sacrificed it to kill one of the Pilgrims.

Antonino's plan was simple: swing with the Silver Drake and use the Trapper and Pilgim to stop the Red angry creatures. He added a kicked Faerie Squadron to his flying army. Ruel's plan was a bit simpler: swing with everything and hit him with a big Soul Burn.

The Soul Burn left Antonino at two life points and the controllish Blue-White creatures ended up locking Antoine out of the game. His only salvation was drawing his second, and last, Soul Burn.

Antoine (pointing at the top of his library): "This is a Soul Burn."

It was a Plague Spores but the round still ended in a good mood with all six players shaking hands and trading good luck wishes.

A final message from Antonino De Rosa: "I want to say hi to all my mIRC buddies!"
  • Olivier Ruel 2-0 Luca Chiera
  • Antoine Ruel 1-1 Antonino De Rosa
  • Florent Jeudon 2-0 Guido Pacifici
  • Final result: Black Ops 2-1 PannaBurst.

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