Round 5 Feature Match - Glenn Shandley vs. Dan Turner

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Luke Hancock

Dan Turner has played in Pro Tour: New York while Glenn Shandley is easily one of the most recognisable Magic: The Gathering players in Australia. Glenn is playing a b/u deck heavily based around a large mercenary chain and Dan is playing a u/g deck with a large amount of fat creatures such as Avatar of Will and Darba and blue creature control such as Withdraw and Seal of Removal.

Game 1

Glenn wins the toss and opts to draw. His early weenies such as Rampart Crawler and Belbe's Percher are countered by Dan's withdraw while he leads into some creatures such as Giant Caterpillar and some blue flyers. Glenn attempts to continue his early beatdown strategy but his mercenaries eventually run out of steam and are run over by Dan's larger green creatures and Sliptide Serpent. Glenn manages to hold the attacking force off for a while he can see Dan's Avatar of Will sitting in his hand courtesy of a Wandering Eye. Eventually Dan is able to cast a Skyshroud Claim to fetch the land that is required to cast the Avatar and Glenn concedes.

Game 2

Glenn chooses to start the game and again starts his early beatdown strategies with the obligatory Rampart Crawler and Belbe's Percher but in a mirror of the first round, Dan again casts Withdraw to send the weenies back to their owner's hands. Dan opens with a Seal of Removal and a Horned Troll and Silt Crawler soon after which begin to trade damage with Glenn's mercenaries. Glenn finds his Rathi Fiend to drop both players' life totals and continues to beat down with a Percher. Dan finally draws a Squall and kills the Percher and begins to apply with the troll, snake and Silt Crawler enhanced with Tiger Claws while Glenn attempts to deal the last five damage that is required to seal the match. The last moments of the game are extremely tense with much thought but Glenn eventually casts a Scandalmonger along with a Death Charmer and a Rathi Intimidator to join his Rathi Fiend. Dan takes advantage of the Scandalmonger to force Glenn to discard his last card and cast his topdecked Avatar of Will for two blue mana. Glenn tries a last ditch miracle draw of Steal Strength to find the last point of damage to kill Dan, but he cannot draw the card and goes down to the strength of the Avatars.

Dan Turner wins 2-0

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