Round 5 Feature Match - Russel Barlow vs. John Brugman

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Liam Coltman

After last year's draft, Russell Barlow was leading day one as the Australian Draft champion, he later played living death in Type 2 and failed to make the top 8. John Brugman, or "The Gas Man" as he is known, had two solid days to make his way into the top 8, only to be defeated in two straight matches. However, this year the two were floundering around the middle of the field (2-3)and both needed the win badly.

Game 1

On turn two Brugman opened up with a waterfront bouncer, much to the dismay of Russel. On turn three Barlow summoned a Rathi Intimidator, and attacked with it the very next turn also adding a Bog Glider to his force. Brugman cast a LightBringer on turn four, but he was too hasty tapping is mana, leaving himself no blue mana to use the bouncers ability. The very next turn the Bouncer had his strength stolen and added to the Glider, which attacked for two. Brugman summons a Devout Witness to help put a stop to things, but Barlow uses the Rathi to search through his library and bring out the Agent of Shauku. He then attacks with his Intimidator which Brugman is only too happy to trade with his Lightbringer, and then the Rathi Assassin hits the table. Despite later casting a Blinding Angel, Brugman is unable to stop the beats that the black Mercenary Force brings and he soon concedes.

Game 2

Brugman chooses to play first, and by the time his second turn comes around, he is staring at a Soothsaying. He casts a Darting Merfolk, and Barlow replies with a Plague Witch. Brugman and Barlow trade back and forth attacks for a turn, then Barlow summons a Death Charmer. Brugman then draws a Nightwind Glider which he believes should be a big threat in this game. The Nightwind Glider attacks on its on for 3 turns, while the two stockpile creatures on defence, however the Soothsaying is proving to be a major help to Barlow, as he draws pre-arranged bomb after bomb off the top of his library. Barlow moves both of his Agents of Shauku, his Rathi Assassin and his Avatar of Will to the top of his library. The little Nightwinder Glider, backed up by a Waterfront Bouncer, was almost enough to peck Barlow down to zero life, but the Soothsaying was too much, and Brugman is forced to concede.

Barlow 2 Brugman 0

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