Round 5 Feature Match - Tom Guevin vs. Trevor Blackwell

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By Wizards of the Coast

In one of the most frustrating matches to observe in recent nationals history, Tom Guevin and Trevor Blackwell locked horns in what would become one of the true marathon matches of the tourney.

Playing in the 5th round at 3-1 a piece, the two competitors, who had never met before, started off amicably enough, with Trevor's third turn Bouncer being joined by a fourth turn Stormwatch Eagle. When Trevor went to attack with the Bouncer, Tom voiced his appreciation of Trevor's deciding to play the creature first, casting a Steal Strength intended to kill the Bouncer. Trevor cast Foil and took Tight Tom to seventeen before Tom cast an Oraxid, stabilizing.

The next few turns saw a number of seemingly inconsequential cards being cast including Tom's Brainstorm and Chilling Apparition, which were balanced by Trevor's Defender En-Vec and Seal of Removal. Then, in Tom's ninth turn, he cast an Ancient Hydra and chaos ensued. First Tom made the assumption that the Hydra had entered play. Then, when it became apparent that it had not, Tom believed the Hydra resolved once the Waterfront Bouncer had returned itself to Trevor's hand, leaving the Stormwind Eagle vulnerable to the Hydra. When Tom went to shoot the Eagle, It became apparent that Trevor didn't believe the Hydra resolved, and insisted that he had been thinking about which land to sacrifice. In the ensuing argument, Tom questioned both Trevor's skill and integrity while Trevor disregarded Tom, stating that he's been forced to ignore most of what Tom had been saying due to Guevin's tendency to ramble about the inconsequential. Finally, after Mark Rosewater had listened to both stories as well as an observer's, he called in Head Judge Colin Jackson who ruled that, as Trevor had admitted to saying the phrase 'OK' after returning the Bouncer to his hand, the Hydra would resolve with the Eagle in play. Tom then went to shoot the Eagle, and Trevor, obviously flustered, sacrificed a land, attempting to return it. Tom responded by shooting again, and approximately ten turns later, the game was his.

Game two wasn't nearly as eventful, with Tom, knowing that the time left in the match was short, stabilizing his side of the table ensuring that Trevor wouldn't be able to get through for enough damage. He did this by using Plague Witch and Flowstone Armor in tandem, as well as playing a number of defensive creatures like Oraxid and Flint Golem that Trevor just could not get through. As time ran out, the two shook hands, with Tom emerging victorious 1-0.

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