Round 5: Murray Evans vs. Tsuyoshi Doyama Stompy vs. Accelerated Blue

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By Craig Jones

Round 5 saw Canadian Nationals runner-up Murray Evans play Japanese Champion Tsuyoshi Doyama. Both have started strong with 3-1 records. Evans played stompy while Doyama opted for accelerated blue. Stompy strategy pretty much boils down to draw card, turn all cards sideways and repeat until opponent is dead. Doyama would be looking to slow down the rush and control the board with masticore. The first match would be tough for the blue deck but a number of strong sideboard cards should even things.

Evans went first and started slowly with a tapped treetop village. The first critter, an albino Troll, appeared next turn but Doyama had a grim monolith to maybe give him the speed he needed to gain control. The first tanglewire was countered and Doyama was able to control the treetop village with a port. Unfortunately this left him with only 1 island untapped and Evans cast Vine Dryad for free, dropped a cradle and then a second tanglewire. Doyama was able to use the monolith to provide some escape from the lock but the 2 kegs he cast were not enough to stop a second albino troll.

Game 2 and in goes blue's hosers. Green has Rushwood Legate, which gives a little more speed. Evans first land was again a tapped village and as Doyama went first he was able to counter a legate and then an albino troll. Gaea's cradle had allowed Evans to slip through an elf, wild dog and then rancor on the dog. Doyama reached 4 land and went straight for the masticore. Undaunted Evans laid another troll and forced Doyama to return 3 islands with a thwart to stop a rancor. Doyama decided to stay on 2 islands to feed the masticore and use it to attack every turn. Playing this aggressively against green was risky but he had 2 snaps and was able to slow Evans down in the race. Both reached 4 life and although Evans had 2 villages he only had enough mana to activate 1. But casting legate for free was enough to give the extra mana off the cradle and finish off Doyama.

Murray Evans 2 (now 4-1)

Tsuyoshi Doyama 0 (now 3-2)

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