Round 5: Ryan Fuller vs. Janosch Kuhn Stompy vs. Angry No Hermit

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By Trey Van Cleave

This match pits Ryan Fuller, one of the most skilled and talented Magic Pros and this year's Canadian National Champ against Janosch Kuhn the 1997 Worlds Runner-up. Ryan Fuller was playing Stompy and Janosch Kuhn was playing one of the red/green Angry "no hermit" decks sporting Stone Rains and Saproling Bursts. The match-up definitely favors the red green deck but one can never count out Stompy or Ryan Fuller.

Game 1 sees Kuhn mulligan a one Port, 3 Bird opening draw. Fuller opts to keep a Vine Dryad, Rancor, Pouncing Jag hand with a Cradle as his only land. He drops Vine Dryad and Jag on his first turn while Kuhn plays forest Bird. Fuller attacks with Dryad and Jaguar bringing Kuhn down to 17. Kuhn plays another forest and plays Llanowar Elf. Fuller again doesn't draw land and chooses to tap Cradle and sac it with Crop Rotate to get another Cradle and play Tangle Wire. This was a very smart play as the Angry deck needs to get to five mana as quickly as possible to be truly devastating. This meant he had to tap all his permanents. Kuhn plays land and Fuller draws and again no land and plays Troll. Kuhn plays land and then Fuller upkeeps Troll and attacks for 6. Kuhn Avalanche Riders his only land and then Fuller attacks with everything after playing a forest and rancor and Kuhn blocks the Jaguar dropping down to only 3 life. Kuhn untaps and casts Arc Lightning on the Dryad and taps Fuller's forest during his upkeep and he draws a Port so he attacks with Troll and Kuhn is forced to block with his Elf. Kuhn drops Blastoderm and taps forest and Fuller casts Wild Might with the mana and again doesn't draw a forest so again no rancor. He attacks with his boosted Troll and kills Blastoderm. That is something you rarely see. A Blastoderm never chump blocks does he? Kuhn untaps and plays Saproling Burst and taps Fuller's forest again. Fuller says go after not drawing land. Kuhn plays Stone Rain and Avalanche Riders sealing the victory as he rolls through with tokens.

After game 1 Fuller sides in one Satyr and 1 Treetop Bracers. Kuhn opts to side in 2 Flameshot, 1 Masticore, 2 Orangutan while siding out 3 Stone Rain, 1 Plow Under, 1 Processor.

Game 2 sees Fuller up to bat with a mulligan. His second is quite good. Kuhn keeps a potentially sketchy draw with no green mana and only Mountain, Dust Bowl, Port. He never draws a green source and Fuller beats him down very quickly with a Rancored Boa and a Wild Dog.

Game 3 sees both players keep their hands and Kuhn opens up with forest elf followed by Fuller's forest Wild Dog. Kuhn follows up with Karplusan Forest and a Priest of Titania. Fuller has another Rancor and Rancored Wild Dog serves for 4. Kuhn plays Dust Bowl and Plow Under essentially sealing Fuller's fate at this early point in the game. Fuller is able to attack and deal a bit more damage but another Plow Under followed up by Masticore proved way too much for Fuller to handle.

Janosch Kuhn defeats Ryan Fuller 2-1

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