Round 5: Tom Guevin vs. Olivier Ruel Replenish vs. Replenish

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Round 5 featured "Tight Tommie" Guevin - who hasn't made a Pro Tour Top 8 since the very first PT - L.A. but has become one of the most popular players on Tour thanks to his antics -- against Black Ops team member Olivier Ruel, most famous for winning the Team Challenge at the most recent Pro Tour New York. Both players ran Replenish decks and both players sat down with 2-2 records, hoping to stay in reasonable position for the rest of the tournament.

Guevin mulliganed down to 5 before game 1 while Ruel went down to 6 cards. Both players cast Attunement on their respective third turns, but Ruel's draw was significantly better. All Guevin could do was play a Parallax Tide that Ruel destroyed with the Seal of Cleansing that he had cast on his second turn. On his own 5th turn, Ruel dumped a bunch of enchantments into his graveyard and cast Replenish. Guevin removed some of his own lands from play with his own Parallax Tide as a response to Ruel using his Seal so that Guevin would have a chance to counter the Replenish, but Guevin's frantic Attuning didn't find him any form of permission. When his Replenish resolved, Ruel removed all Guevin's land from play, Sealed away his Diamond, and left him with absolutely nothing in play.

Guevin talked nonstop through sideboarding and all of game 2. He ridiculed his opponent for the Parallax Waves and Frantic Searches that were still in his deck after sideboarding. Ruel just ignored him phased all his land out with a Tide, and filled his graveyard thanks to Attunement and a pair of Frantic Searches. Guevin thought he'd been beaten, but Ruel couldn't find a Replenish. Ruel kept Guevin pinned by hard casting Parallax Tides for a few turns, but he had discarded his Attunement when he activated it so he had no way left to go digging for Replenish. Guevin may have been on to something when he questioned the inclusion of Frantic Search in Ruel's deck after sideboarding - that's what Ruel kept instead of keeping Attunement in his hand. But then when Replenish wasn't in the top few cards, Ruel lost his opportunity. Guevin eventually got his land back and started casting Replenishes of his own. Ruel stopped the first one by casting Daze three times, but Guevin's second Replenish resolved and Ruel gave up immediately so he would have 20 minutes left for game number 3.

Ruel got off to a quick start in game 3, Tutoring for Attunement and getting off a small Replenish before Guevin could build up more than one counter on his Lilting Refrain. However, nothing that Ruel wound up with in play said "Parallax" on it so Ruel was just attacking with Attunements while Guevin played out some enchantment-creatures of his own. Guevin's three Parallax Tides not only prevented Ruel from casting any more spells, but also beat up Ruel's Attunements in combat. Guevin won the game and the match just by hard casting those Tides and serving with them.

Guevin 2 (now 3-2)

Ruel 1 (now 2-3)

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