Round 6 Feature Match: Amsterdam vs.

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By Rui Oliveira


  • Horst Baierhofer
  • Herbert Engleitner
  • Kung-Chieh Wang

  • Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz
  • David Williams
  • Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz

In the final round of this first day a Pro Tour team meets against a team who managed to get to 5-0 result with no byes. Both teams do have one thing in common: a curious name. The OMS brothers and David Williams took their name in reference to while Amsterdam despite being formed by Austrian players from Salzburg was formed during Grand Prix Amsterdam, hence the name.

Game 1

Williams opened up with two Benalish Trappers while Herbert played a Llanowar's Knight and a Mirrorwood Treefolk. The Treefolk quickly got Hobbled to prevent any further trouble. Herbert's next creatures were two Root Grevils while David dropped land after land.

When Herbert tried to kill a Trapper with a Tribal Flames Williams was ready with a Confound and on his next turn, still saving mana for the tappers dirty work, he played a Aurora Griffin. Still on his next turn he had to let two Llanowar Knights and watch his opponent play a Lashknife Barrier.

He finally found a bigger creature in a kicked Faerie Squadron but Herbert also upgraded his army with a Kavu Climber. Then the American dropped the bomb: Armored Guardian. Herbert sacrificed a Root Grevil to destroy the Hobble taking out the Barrier as well.

David: "You are not going to like my next turn very much."

And he was right. He used a Distorting Wave to bounce all opposing creatures, but the Climber, back to Herbert's hand to swing with his creatures. The Treefolk and a Llanowar Knight came back but Williams was ready with a Recoil to clear the path for his Guardian-Griffin duo.

On his next turn he tapped the Climber out of the way and sent in the Guardian and the two flyers with protection from Green to put Herbert in a world of troubles. He couldn't find a solution so he was forced to concede.

  • Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz 0-0 Horst Baierhofer
  • David Williams 1-0 Herbert Engleitner
  • Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz 0-0 Kung-Chieh Wang

Game 2

As they were shuffling for their second game the O'Mahoney-Schwartz both finished their games with wins putting the whole team 1-0. So the spirits were high on one side of the table while on the other side there was a lot of silent sideboarding and shuffling.

Williams opened with a Benalish Trapper followed by a Stormscape Apprentice. Herbert's first play was a Mirrorwood Treefolk and his second creature, a Root Grevil was Excluded. With a Crosis' Charm and a Pollen Remedy in hand the American played an Aurora Griffin.

Herbert, however, was not taking it all without a fight: he played his own tapper, a Thornscape Apprentice. Williams again upped the ante with a THIRD tapper promising a very difficult game. He also played a second flyer in the shape of a Stormscape Familiar.

Next turn he dropped a second Aurora Griffin and took his whole air force into the imaginary Red Zone as all that Herbert could muster was a lowly Llanowar Cavalry. He did try to play a Kavu Climber but the American was on fire using a Dromar's Charm to counter that and seal the end of the game.

  • Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz 1-0 Horst Baierhofer
  • David Williams 2-0 Herbert Engleitner
  • Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz 1-0 Kung-Chieh Wang

After table B finished their games we finally got a chance to look at the other two tables. On table A Dan had a Stone Kavu and a Thornscape Apprentice facing a Phyrexian Battleflies with a Sinister Strength while on the far table Wang's Crimson Acolyte and Ardent Soldier were holding back the Steve's growing black army.

Dan's Apprentice leaped in to give the Stone Kavu first strike taking down the Battleflies. After some deliberation Dan again sent the Kavu in, dealing a grand total of six damage. Horst dropped a Hooded Kavu and used a Bog Down, without kicker, to strip a Lashknife Barrier and a Forest from OMS' hand.

The Kavu's next swing was met by a suicidal Hooded Kavu. On the next swing the Caldera Kavu, that strangely stayed back in defense, refused to block. Dan pumped it up to a 6/3 and Horst tried to kill it with a Magma Burst. The American, however, was ready for it with an Agressive Urge not only saving the Kavu but dealing an extra point of damage.

That spelled the end for Horst as Dan dropped a Nomadic Elf and used a Darigaaz's Charm to remove the last blocker to swing in for the last few points of damage. With the round now decided it was all pure academic for Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz and Kung-Chieh Wang.

Still they toiled along with Kung-Chieh trying his best to slow down Steve's huge horde. In the end he did what he could but the cards where just against him.

  • Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz 2-0 Horst Baierhofer
  • David Williams 2-0 Herbert Engleitner
  • Steve O'Mahoney-Schwartz 2-0 Kung-Chieh Wang
  • Final result: 3-0 Amsterdam.

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