Round 6: Masayuki Higashino vs. Bob Maher, Jr. Stompy vs. Replenish

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Round 6 matched former Japanese National Champion Masayuki Higashino against PT Chicago Champion Bob Maher, Jr. Higashino had chosen a version of suicide black, including cards like Tangle Wire, Flesh Reaver, Phyrexian Negator and loaded with discard spells such as Unmask, Persecute and Duress. Maher was playing a Tinker variant very similar to the deck that Jon Finkel and some of the other east coast crew had.

Maher won the toss and elected to play first. He opened with a Sprazzan Skerry, and Higashino followed with a pretty nice opening, swamp, ritual, Negator. Maher didn't seem to mind the Negator too much though, and he laid his second Skerry and proceeded to prep for his third turn by dropping two Voltaic Keys. The Negator got his 5 damage through, and was joined by a Flesh Reaver. All hell broke loose on Maher's turn though, and a Thran Dynamo came down followed by a Phyrexian Processor with enough mana to make a 6/6 minion. Despite multiple Tangle Wires which made things a little dicey for Maher on a few turns, the combination of cheap artifacts and minion tokens always left him just enough permanents to tap for Tangle Wire without leaving hiimself open to Negator/Reaver damage.Once the counters on the wires ran down, the game deteriorated quickly for Higashino and he conceded shortly thereafter.

Although he got to play first, that was the only thing that went Higashino's way in game 2. He again opened with the ritual-Negator combo, and again Maher just took it in stride laying 2 Skerry's and then exploding into artifact mania on his 4th turn with a Metalworker generating what seemed like 1.2 billion mana and some combination of Masticore, shoot the Negator, tinker for Phyrexian Collosus causing Higashino visible distress (all in good fun of course) and garnering a concession before any of that craziness even had to attack.

Final Result:

Bob Maher, Jr (2-0-0)


Masayuki Higashino (0-0-2)

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