Round 6: Nicolai Herzog vs. Niklaus Hugi Stompy vs. Replenish

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By Kim Eikefet

Both Nicolai Herzog and Niklaus Hugi were undefeated before the very last round of the Standard portion. Last year, Nicolai took his Stompy deck to the top of the European Championship as well as to the top 8 of Worlds, and the Norwegian chose to go with Stompy this year as well. Niklaus, a rather unknown player, had gone with Replenish.

The Norwegian won the die roll, and chose to play. Thinking that his opponent played Stompy, he kept a hand with few lands and lots of Albino Trolls and opened by playing forest, Pouncing Jaguar. Unfortunately, the Jaguar was very alone on the table for a long, long time. Niklaus played Adarkar Wastes, then Rishadan Port, and using the Port once to tap down Nicolai's Treetop Village, Nicolai had to attack during turn three and then say go.

Niklaus cast a turn three Attunement, and finally, during Nicolai's turn four, the Pouncing Jaguar was accompanied by a River Boa. However at that time, Niklaus was already in good shape. He activated the Attunement, cast a Frantic Search and finally he played a Parallax Tide, fading out Herzog's two lands. Nicolai couldn't do anything but attack, but then Niklaus cast a Parallax Wave, leaving Nicolai permanentless. When the Opalescence hit the table the turn after that, Nicolai just sighed and took twelve, and when he didn't draw anything during his next turn either, he just scooped.

Herzog 0 - Hugi 1

While Nicolai sided in two Thran Foundries, four Rushwood Legates and a Reverent Silence, Hugi removed two Parallax Tides and four Counterspells for three Wrath of Gods and three Hibernations. Nicolai chose to play, but had to mulligan once. He got a pretty good start, though, casting a turn one Wild Dogs and a turn two River Boa followed by a Wild Might turn three to put Hugi down to nine.

Hugi played lands and a Seal of Cleansing for the first three turns, and he was probably more than delighted when Nicolai attacked and dropped two Rushwood Legates during turn four. Slowly, he untapped, drew, tapped four mana and slapped a Wrath of God on the table.

Suddenly Nicolai found himself without any creatures, and he failed to do anything for the rest of the match. Hugi cast an Opalescence and started attacking with his Seal, and he then cast Parallax Waves during his next two turns. Unable to do anything, Nicolai conceded.

Herzog 0 - Hugi 2

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