Round 6 Results (by Team)

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By Wizards of the Coast

TeamResult Opponent
Absolute SamuelsLost 1-2vsBologna Demolition Team
Accellerated Vares8 VolanteWon 2-1vsCalvo's Legacy
AlphaBetaUnlimited.comWon 2-1vsPannaburst
Altrove *Lost 0-3vsAsani *
AngstschreeuwWon 3-0vsMetagames/LNT
Asani *Won 3-0vsAltrove *
Babar TeamLost 1-2vsTeam Clegg
Birds of paradiseLost 0-3vskillers of the Coast
Black-OpsWon 3-0vsIs on my mind *
Bologna Demolition TeamWon 2-1vsAbsolute Samuels
Burning BernWon 2-1vsTauromachia
Calvo's LegacyLost 1-2vsAccellerated Vares8 Volante
CAP games Team *Lost 0-3vsF3BoP
Ci Ciapem I Dané *Won 2-1vsZagatounga
CosmopolitanWon 2-1vsDo you enjoy it ?
Do you enjoy it ?Lost 1-2vsCosmopolitan
F3BoPWon 3-0vsCAP games Team *
Fumetteria Gabriele *Won 2-1vsLast minute *
gotta catch KaiWon 2-1vstrash AAA
I 3 ciccioniLost 1-2vsVintara
Is on my mind *Lost 0-3vsBlack-Ops
killers of the CoastWon 3-0vsBirds of paradise
La 139 *Won 2-1vsVinh School
La Sauss'bac Team *Won 3-0vsThe Feebles
Last minute *Lost 1-2vsFumetteria Gabriele *
Les KerlutinhoëcsWon 2-1vsThe lucky squad *
les myleniens 2 *Won 3-0vsTroppo il migliore *
Mad Beasts *Lost 1-2vsTapa chilu *
made in annecy *Won 2-1vsWe win with win *
Magic Skebe *Lost 0-3vsos trolhas
Metagames/LNTLost 0-3vsAngstschreeuw
mule team *Lost 1-2vsQui quo qua *
Mwonvuli GangDrew 1-1-1vsUranus
myleniens gold * * BYE *
Nether SpiritsLost 0-3vsPensaci Tu
one day flyWon 2-1vsTwo men and a baby !
os trolhasWon 3-0vsMagic Skebe *
Pensaci TuWon 3-0vsNether Spirits
Pezzati *Lost 0-3vsSing Along party *
Qui quo qua *Won 2-1vsmule team *
Saletta Team *Lost 0-3vsTriumviri
SAR 666Lost 0-1-2vssuicideboard *
Sing Along party *Won 3-0vsPezzati *
Stuchkaccolites *Lost 0-3vszyrberus
suicideboard *Won 1-0-2vsSAR 666
Sur une idée de julien silvLost 1-2vsTeam 25:17
Tapa chilu *Won 2-1vsMad Beasts *
TauromachiaLost 1-2vsBurning Bern
Team CleggWon 2-1vsBabar Team
Team 25:17Won 2-1vsSur une idée de julien silve
The FeeblesLost 0-3vsLa Sauss'bac Team *
The lucky squad *Lost 1-2vsLes Kerlutinhoëcs
trash AAALost 1-2vsgotta catch Kai
TriumviriWon 3-0vsSaletta Team *
Troppo il migliore *Lost 0-3vsles myleniens 2 *
Two men and a baby !Lost 1-2vsone day fly
UranusDrew 1-1-1vsMwonvuli Gang
Vinh SchoolLost 1-2vsLa 139 *
VintaraWon 2-1vsI 3 ciccioni
We win with win *Lost 1-2vsmade in annecy *
www.revised4th5th.comWon 3-0vsAmsterdam
ZagatoungaLost 1-2vsCi Ciapem I Dané *
zyrberusWon 3-0vsStuchkaccolites *

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