Round 7 Feature Match - Justin West vs. Lenny Collins

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Luke Hancock

Justin West, ever noticeable in his Essendon Bombers beanie and Lenny Collins, a Pro Tour participant in PT:Chicago were chosen as the first separate feature match in the Standard portion of the tournament. Justin had decided to play a blue Pirates deck and Lenny had chosen Mike Long's Accelerated Blue deck from the US Nationals the day before. Both players were sitting in the top 8 after the draft portion on Day 1.

Game 1

Lenny won the coin flip and decided to draw. Justin began slowly with a 2nd turn Rishadan Port and began using it the turn after. Lenny began by playing land and on the 4th turn dropped his Monolith. Meanwhile, West had stalled on 3 land and was frantically trying to find more with 2 Accumulated Knowlegdes but could not find any more. On his 5th turn Lenny used his own port to tap the only Island that Justin had left untapped and laid a Morphling to begin the beatdown. During his next turn, Justin bounced the Morphling back to its owner's hand with Curfew and passed the turn over to Lenny.

This is where the game fell down completely.

At this point in time, the judges had performed a deck orientation check on Lenny and the judges returned the deck. The head judge for the event, Mark Brown, came over and requested Lenny's deck again and took the deck for a period of time before Lenny requested that the match be stopped due to the inconvenience of having to ask for cards from the judges during his draw phase. Mark came back and told Lenny that he had registered an illegal decklist, and the determined penalty at the start of the event was disqualification. Lenny and Justin attempted to plead his case but Mark Brown and the tournament manager, Chris Zantides, followed through on the determined penalty.

Justin West wins.

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