Round 7 Results (by Table)

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By Wizards of the Coast

Team Result   Opponent
The Ken Ho All-Stars 200 vs. Team Needs/Hotel Room *Amate
Family Games Center 300 vs.
Team $20 Dolla Billz 030 vs. Thanks Craig and Seth
5280 030 vs. Frog Eaters
Team Flees 110 vs. Rug Doctors
The Ancient Kavus 210 vs. Just Concede
Dynasty 300 vs. Team 0-3 Lunch *Amateur*
Huey Brock and Linde 300 vs. The O-men
Team Bald Dummy 003 vs. Team Clasp
Ride or Die 120 vs. A Little Too Sick
Cherry *Amateur* 030 vs. The Hubbsucker Proxy
Your Move Games 210 vs. Bags
Grape Apes 210 vs. The Tails *Amateur*
Madam Fishnut 210 vs. Who's the Other Dude *Amateu
Sean Connery *Amateur* 210 vs. Big Dogs
Egghead Games Inc. 210 vs. $42 Ticket *Amateur*
PC Load Letter *Amateur* 210 vs. Cyanide
Team Acme Smackdown 300 vs. Let's Get Dirty
Conan the Barbarian 300 vs. Two Geeks and a Lumberjack
Team Disgruntled Hobos *Amat 120 vs. 100 Super Good Fun Time
Lazy Eyed Psychos *Amateur* 210 vs. Hot Fungusaur Invasion 2K1
Team John F. Rizzo 120 vs. Antarctica
Jovial Evil 300 vs. Crystal Pepsi
Team Sports Bench *Amateur* 210 vs. Shinku Hoboken
Team Blatant Cheaters *Amate 120 vs. Collector's Corner *Amateur*
Table 45 *Amateur* 120 vs. Team Salmon *Amateur*
Team AA *Amateur* 210 vs. Left Cheek Sneak *Amateur*
Titans *Amateur* 120 vs. Cavity Creeps
Pierced 030 vs.
Wheat and Rye 300 vs. Unexpected Treasure *Amateur
Une Leche De FBI *Amateur* 210 vs. #I Magic *Amateur*
Team Nose Guy *Amateur* 120 vs. 3 Stooges *Amateur*
Ring Wraiths *Amateur* 110 vs. Spastik Monkees *Amateur*
Sweet Jeebus *Amateur* 120 vs. The Bobsquad *Amateur*
Azz Izz *Amateur* 120 vs. Rookies *Amateur*

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