Round 8 Feature Match - Ben Seck vs. Dane Coltman

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Liam Coltman

After the two players present their decks they are immediately called for a deck check. After 10 minutes the players begin to realise that there is a problem with one of the decks and when Ben Seck is called over, things look grim. He returns back to the feature table 10 minutes later with the news that his sleeves appear to be marked, but he is going to contest the decision. Another 20 minutes pass, and he is called back over to collect his freshly sleeved deck and the match can finally get underway.

Game 1

Seck won the flip and chooses to play in the "Big Ehrn's" replenish vs Bargain matchup. When Coltman casts the Duress on turn one he knows there is problems. If you actually took the replenish deck and selected your opening hand this would be it. It contains land, a Frantic Search, Replenish, Opalescence and Parallax Wave. All Coltman can do is watch as on turn 4 Seck goes busty bringing out large enchantments that deal lots of creature damage when they are turned sideways in the attacking phase.

Seck 1 Coltman 0

Game 2

After the previous problems with marking on the sleeves, Seck asks the table judge if he could pile his deck because he doesn't want to take any chances.

Despite an amazing hand, almost the exact same as before, Seck makes a small mistake, which may have cost him the match. He had the Opalescence on the table, but chose to attack with all his enchantments. Coltman blocked Seal of Cleansing on his own Seal of Cleansing, and was then able to sacrifice it after damage was on the stack to remove the Parallax Wave. With his lands phased back in Coltman saw his chance and went into the combo, and despite a few tense moments he pulled it off. When Seck asked to see the Will and another Soul Feast and Coltman showed them to him he conceded.

Seck 1 Coltman 1

Game 3

With Coltman begging Seck "Not to draw like a miser", game 3 got underway with Coltman mulliganing down to 6 cards. A first turn Duress again revealed an amazing hand for Seck, but it contained only two lands. Coltman saw his only chance as to take the Erase from his hand and to attempt to go into the combo before Ben could. After 4 turns Seck had everything in play and was starting the attacks. When Coltman drew off the top and said, "Well looks like I gotta mise am I right?". He went into the combo, but with the already reduced life it proved too difficult, and he soon conceded the match.

Seck 2 Coltman 1

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