Round 8: Justin Gary vs. Andre Konstanczer R/U vs. R/B

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By Manuel Bevand

This match featured two National Champions. Andre Konstanczer, aside from being one of the most consistent players on the Pro Tour with several top 32s and a top 8 in Rome, he's also the reigning German champ and member of the European Alliance Team. Justin Gary was the US national Champion in 1997, and also made top 8 at the same PT in Rome. He joined the Your Move Games Team little over a year ago. Both players are 5-2.

Game one starts with Justin putting pressure with creatures such as Spur Grappler, Keldon Beserkers and Fault Riders, while Andre destroyed them one by one with various removal spells. The war on the ground stopped for a while but Justin's Ribbon Snake had reduced Andre to 14 life on turn 7. Andre responded to the pressure by putting down the big card in his deck; Cateran Overlord. Justin goes 'wow' and finds an answer with Jolting Merfolk. On Andre's next turn, he wanted to attack but Justin used the Merfolk's ability to tap the big Mercenary guy. It's the right time for Konstanczer to use his creature's search ability and get an Alley Grifters. On his turn, Justin goes on the offensive, used up all counters on the Merfolk to tap out all of Andre's creatures, summons a Flowstone Crusher and used his Battle Rampart to send everyone for a giant beating. 'Creatures are meant to deal damage' says Gary, 'You have a 7/5 searcher that regenerates, why should I care?'. Andre takes 8 damage and is reduced to 6, on a three-turns clock because of the Ribbon Snake. Andre thinks for a while and decides to put his opponent on a clock as well, inflicting 10 damage in a counterattack and keeping two blockers. Everything looks brighter for Justin when he panics those remaining blockers and goes for the kill. Game one to the American.

Both players reach for their sideboard. The sideboarding time is filled with laughter as the two players joke about the excessive amount of precision and good manners heard from the Kastle - Comer match. 'I am now allowing you to enter your declaration of attackers step, if you please', 'Why thank you!' ...

Game two is far from being as close. Andre keeps a hand with 3 swamps and 4 red spells. He doesn't draw red mana the whole game, and is only able to cast a turn three Seal of Doom and then discard. Justin wins easily and apologizes for the German's bad luck.

Justin Gary 2 - Andre Konstanczer 0

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