Round 9 Feature Match: Black Ops vs. One Day Fly

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By Rui Oliveira

Black Ops:

  • Florent Jeudon
  • Antoine Ruel
  • Olivier Ruel

One Day Fly:

  • Tom Van De Logt
  • Kamiel Cornelissen
  • Jelger Wiegersma

In the make or break round One Day Fly got paired down against Black Ops. With only four teams heading into the direct elimination portion, and only nine rounds for such a large field, they couldn't draw in the last round despite only having one draw and one loss respectively. The draft went smoothly and after a few initial jokes, like any draft envolving the Ruel Brothers, they all focused their minds in the cards.

The flow of the draft gave Olivier Ruel a totally insane draft: two Agonizing Demises, Soul Burn, Void (which he opened), Plague Spores, two Terminate, Reckless Spite, Breath of Darigaaz, Phyrexian Scuta, Lava Zombie and two Ravenous Rats.

Accross the table Jelger Wiegersma was forced to adapt to Olivier's nine removal spells. What better way to do it than snatch three Llanowar Knights? He also took a Fleetfoot Panther and Glimmering Angel to stay away from those removel spells. He rounded his deck with a Repulse, Armadillo Cloak, Treva's Charm and Benalish Herald.

The always silent Florent Jeudon started going Green-Red but had to dip into White finishing up with perhaps the weakest deck in his team. He did get Armadillo Cloak, Skizzik, Scorching Lava, two Hobbles and a Rith's Charm.

His opponent is Tom Van de Logt who also got a Void (right after Olivier's) but had an inferior, or perhaps more human, array of removal. A Darigaaz's Charm and two Scorching Lavas help paved the way for Lava Zombie, Skizzik, Duskwalker and three Ravenous Rats.

In the middle table Kamiel Cornelissen squares off against Antoine Ruel. They are both playing Blue-White-Black with Kamiel's deck having Voice of All, Hobble, Probe, Spite/Malice, Spinal Embrace, Fact or Fiction, two Stormscape Apprentice and a Samite Pilgrim.

Not to be outdone Antoine shared the very deep Black card pool with his brother ending up with Sleeper's Robe, Recoil, three Confound, Death Bomb, Barrin's Spite, Cavern Harpy, Stalking Assassin (which he opened), Zanam Djinn, two Hunting Drake (fairly useless in this matchup) and a Thornscape Apprentice. Although he only had that Apprentice as a playable Green card playing it could boost his Ordered Migration so he was certainly considering that option during deck construction.

Game 1

Jelger thought long and hard about keeping a hand with only two Plains as lands but he decided to keep it drawing a Forest to the noisy delight of Noah Boeken who was watching the match. Olivier felt curious about the situation so he cast a Addle naming Green choosing Fleetfoot Panther over Quirion Elves, Llanowar Knight, Mirrorwood Treefolk and Treva's Charm.

Ruel played a Caldera Kavu and Wiegersma replied with the Mirrorwood Treefolk. A fourth land turned the Caldera into a possible 4/4. Olivier played an Urborg Skeleton, with kicker, that blocked the Treefolk before the protection from removal Llanowar Knight came into play.

The Treva's Charm removed the incoming Caldera Kavu from the game and Olivier lost his Urborg Skeleton when he used a kicked Breath of Darigaaz to reduce Jelger's mana, a Quirion Elves, and get rid of the the Treefolk-Knight troublesome duo.

He then played another Urborg Skeleton and a Ravenous Rats, that chewed off a Sulam Djinn. Another Llanowar Knight started attacking Ruel and a Razorfoot Griffin was supposed to keep him back but he took it out with a Terminate and added a Caldera Kavu to his side of the table.

This threw Jelger into a thinking period that included a careful consultation of his graveyard. In the end he simply played a land and passed the turn. Olivier brought in his Caldera Kavu dealing five damage and sending a clear message to Wirgersma: solve this!

A Benalish Lancer was still too small for the Caldera Kavu but with the help of the Knight created a wall that convinced Ruel to simply play a Rogue Kavu. Locked in Draw-Go mode Olivier had to find a way pass that before Jelger took control of the game. What a better way than a full out attack? He sent everyone in!

He pulled a strange move using a Reckless Spite to blow up his own Rogue Kavu and the Lancer managing to kill the blocking Knight. Jelger bought some time by bouncing the Caldera with a Hunting Drake.

Olivier: "Top deck! Just what I needed!" and in came the Caldera once again.

Jelger drew his card and said go. Olivier: "Are you smiling? It's a good card." He then played a Ravenous Rats that stripped the last card in Jelger's hand: a Plains. "Good bluff" Ruel said with his trademark smile. The army of small creatures and the huge Caldera attacked forcing Wiegersman to concede a turn later.

  • Florent Jeudon 1-0 Tom Van De Logt
  • Antoine Ruel 0-0 Kamiel Cornelissen
  • Olivier Ruel 1-0 Jelger Wiegersma

Game 2

While they were shuffling, Antoine's Stalking Assassin was having a go at Kamiel's creatures much to the displease of the Dutch. At the far end Florent and Tom shuffled for the second game.

Jelger came out flying with a Thornscape Familiar and a third turn Benalish Herald.

Olivier: "I've seen worse."

Wiegersma kept up with his wicked ways by playing Llanowar Knight and a second Thornscape Familiar.

Olivier: "And that is game!", he conceded when he could find any more lands to get going. It was one of the fastest games I've ever seen taking less than a full minute, just as Antoine won a long first game.

  • Florent Jeudon 1-0 Tom Van De Logt
  • Antoine Ruel 1-0 Kamiel Cornelissen
  • Olivier Ruel 1-1 Jelger Wiegersma

Game 3

Again Jelger battled over mulliganing or not. His hand had two Plains and an Island with the rest being Green cards. He took the risk and kept the hand drawing a Forest as his first card. He rode that wave with a Llanowar Knight armed with an Armadillo Cloak much to the despair of Olivier Ruel who had few answers to that monster and a hard time racing against it.

While Jelger held back to protected his damage machine Olivier attacked with his Rogue Kavu before using Breath of Darigaaz to clean the table.

Olivier: "Good job. Great hand."
Jelger: "That is why I kept it with no Forests."

Olivier tried to make up for lost time with a Kavu Agressor and a second Rogue Kavu. Jelger played a Sunscape Battlemage to draw two cards and used it to block the Agressor. When Olivier played a Ravenous Rats and Jelger discarded a Sulan Djinn the French starting pounding his deck calling the Addle to get rid of whatever cards Wiegersma prefered to keep over the Djinn.

Wiegersma played a Benalish Heralds and in the following turn saved it, with a Fleetfoot Panther, from a Terminate. That same Panther got blocked by Ravenous Rats and Viashino Grappler on the next attack. Jelger played a Nomadic Elf and a Glimmering Angel with mana to proctect it.

It was Olivier's turn to think about his situation. Due to his low life, eight, he had to play Phyrexian Scuta without kicker. Jelger sent the Angel in and replayed his Benalish Herald with two Blue mana open to protect his Glimmering Angel of doom. An Agonizing Demise, without kicker, took out the Heralds and the Rogue Kavu attacked Jelger.

A Mirrorwood Treefolk came into play forcing Olivier to reconsider his battle plan. He played a Ravenous Rats to empty Jelger's hand but it got Excluded. Jelger consider his attack for a long time since he could use the Treefolk's ability. The Angel flew in and a Gaea's Might finished the job.

  • Florent Jeudon 1-0 Tom Van De Logt
  • Antoine Ruel 1-0 Kamiel Cornelissen
  • Olivier Ruel 1-2 Jelger Wiegersma

As Olivier and Jelger discussed their match Florent and Tom were locked in a game with over thirty permanents on the table and Kamiel was busy tapping Antoine's Silver Drake. It turns out Florent was facing a active Lord of the Undead with a Lava Zombie and Shivan Zombie on the table while Tom had a Maggot Carrier in his hand. That spelled the end of the second game for them.

  • Florent Jeudon 1-1 Tom Van De Logt
  • Antoine Ruel 1-0 Kamiel Cornelissen
  • Olivier Ruel 2-1 Jelger Wiegersma

Kamiel was carefully working around Antoine's Silver Drake and Thornscape Apprentice finally grabbing the Drake with a Spinal Embrace to bring the French down to four points, and his life total up to seventeen. Antoine played a Razoorfoot Griffin while Kamiel replayed his Stormscape Apprentice and Benalish Lancer with kicker. That spelled the end for that game.

Antoine had to ask to remove a few players who were making a lot of noise as the crowd surrounded the tables to find out who would make it. In the far table Tom was speeding along with a unchallenged Phyrexian Battleflies.

To make matters worse Antoine was forced to take a mulligan with less than ten minutes on the clock. Kamiel kept a hand with no creatures and they were of with the French playing at full speed since unlike the Dutch they could only reach the Top 4 with a win. He dropped a Morgue Toad and gave it a Sleeper's Robe to help fuel his game.

Kamiel slowly played a Stormscape Familiar and settle back preparing for a Probe. The Toad attacked again and Ruel played a Sea Snidd. In the far table Florent's Kavu Climber got hit by a Backlash. The Toad got locked under an Hobble and the Snidd killed by a Spite/Malice.

Antoine: "Good turn." they both shared a nervous smile both because of the lack of time, the excess noise and the pressure of what was at stake. Ruel played a Crusading Knight and discarded a Cavern Harpy and a Treva's Ruins to the incoming Probe while Cornelissen discarded lands.

Kamiel played a Benalish Lancer with kicker and a Tidal Visionary further hampering Antoine's chances. The French took to the sky with a Glimmering Angel and took a hit from the Lancer. In the far table Florent was also in a world of trouble after a Void and being attacked by three Ravenous Rats down to four life.

A Barrin's Spite removed the Lancer and the Knight traded with the Familiar. At the far table Florent had stabilized the table and was attacking Tom Van de Logt. But Kamiel had Antoine pinned down with four creatures to his only creature, Glimmering Angel, while the noise from the Americans playing, and watching, in the adjacent tables rose to an unbelievable level.

The time ended with Florent still with a chance to win the game while Antoine seemed destined to fight to hold on to his 1-0 advantage. He traded his Angel and Dream Thrush for a chance to stay at eight life. At the far table Florent won his game.

At the middle table Antoine exploded with rage both as the game he had and the noise that didn't let him concentrate during the last minutes of the round. He made a crucial mistake by not dropping a Treva's Ruins because he was distracted by the unnecessary noise from the crowd at the next row of tables.

When he had to discard that Ruins to the Probe he was basically locked out of a way to play Thornscape Familiar. That would have given him some extra maneuvering room that he thought would give him a fair chance to win the game, and the round.

  • Florent Jeudon 2-1 Tom Van De Logt
  • Antoine Ruel 1-2 Kamiel Cornelissen
  • Olivier Ruel 1-2 Jelger Wiegersma
  • Final result: One Day Fly 2-1 Black Ops.

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