Round 9 Results (by Team)

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By Wizards of the Coast

TeamResult Opponent
A Little Too SickWon 3-0vsTeam Clasp 0-3vsTeam $20 Dolla Billz
Team FleesWon 2-1vsMadam Fishnut
DynastyDrew 1-1vsThe Ken Ho All-Stars
Family Games CenterLost 1-2vsRug Doctors
Frog EatersLost 1-2vsHuey Brock and Linde
Grape ApesLost 0-3vsThanks Craig and Seth
Huey Brock and LindeWon 2-1vsFrog Eaters
Just ConcedeWon 3-0vsTeam Bald Dummy
Madam FishnutLost 1-2vsTeam Flees
Rug DoctorsWon 2-1vsFamily Games Center
Team $20 Dolla BillzWon
Team Bald DummyLost 0-3vsJust Concede
Team ClaspLost 0-3vsA Little Too Sick
Team Needs/Hotel Room *AmatLost 1-2vsYour Move Games
Thanks Craig and SethWon 3-0vsGrape Apes
The Ancient KavusWon 2-1vsThe Hubbsucker Proxy
The Hubbsucker ProxyLost 1-2vsThe Ancient Kavus
The Ken Ho All-StarsDrew 1-1vsDynasty
Your Move GamesWon 2-1vsTeam Needs/Hotel Room *Amate

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