Round 9 Standings (by Score)

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By Wizards of the Coast

1The Ken Ho All-Stars2571.42%
2The Ancient Kavus2468.14%
3Your Move Games2361.22%
5Team $20 Dolla Billz2264.08%
6Rug Doctors2261.60%
7Team Needs/Hotel Room *Amate2167.81%
8A Little Too Sick2167.08%
9Huey Brock and Linde2166.40%
10The Hubbsucker Proxy2164.80%
11Thanks Craig and Seth2159.82%
12Family Games Center1967.53%
14Team Flees1964.57%
15Team Clasp1962.93%
16Frog Eaters1874.22%
17Just Concede1869.84%
18Grape Apes1756.01%
19Team Bald Dummy1672.48%
20Madam Fishnut1663.09%
21Conan the Barbarian1569.38%
23Jovial Evil1566.32%
24Egghead Games Inc.1564.76%
25Ride or Die1563.26%
26The O-men1562.92%
28PC Load Letter *Amateur*1557.14%
29Sean Connery *Amateur*1556.80%
30Team 0-3 Lunch *Amateur*1555.78%
31Lazy Eyed Psychos *Amateur*1554.76%
32100 Super Good Fun Time1553.71%
33Collector's Corner *Amateur*1551.70%
34Team Acme Smackdown1551.29%
35Cherry *Amateur*1551.02%
36Team Sports Bench *Amateur*1550.27%
38The Tails *Amateur*1373.19%
39Who's the Other Dude *Amateu1365.64%
40Team AA *Amateur*1347.89%
41Team Salmon *Amateur*1346.53%
42Potato Nation1279.16%
43European Alliance1270.83%
44Shinku Hoboken1266.19%
45Team John F. Rizzo1265.03%
46$42 Ticket *Amateur*1263.80%
49Big Dogs1262.00%
50Crystal Pepsi1261.56%
52Two Geeks and a Lumberjack1261.22%
53Team Disgruntled Hobos *Amat1260.81%
54Hot Fungusaur Invasion 2K11260.61%
57Cavity Creeps1258.50%
58Let's Get Dirty1255.61%
60Team Blatant Cheaters *Amate1251.42%
62Wheat and Rye1245.91%
63Une Leche De FBI *Amateur*1245.78%
643 Stooges *Amateur*1150.88%
65Table 45 *Amateur*1067.30%
66A Few Good Men1058.51%
675 Ways Worse/Portent *Amateu982.22%
68Team Egghead972.22%
69The Grunties969.16%
70Car Acrobatic Team965.55%
71Vodalian War Machine *Amateu965.00%
72Shaolin Sword963.88%
74Black Dog962.50%
75Tristate *Amateur*960.55%
76Team Dueling Ground960.00%
78Scorned for Sega *Amateur*956.66%
79Empty G's955.83%
80Don't You Hate Pants *Amateu955.00%
81Phoenix Rising954.66%
82Left Cheek Sneak *Amateur*953.80%
83Where's Josh?952.77%
85Austihaibing *Amateur*950.00%
86It Doesn't Matter *Amateur*950.00%
87Two Trees Good *Amateur*949.25%
88Team Nose Guy *Amateur*948.75%
89Unexpected Treasure *Amateur947.89%
90#I Magic *Amateur*944.55%
91The Bobsquad *Amateur*943.80%
92Righteous Babe942.77%
93Titans *Amateur*939.90%
94Bungle *Amateur*939.33%
95Ring Wraiths *Amateur*838.48%
96Scoop *Amateur*756.00%
97Spastik Monkees *Amateur*748.80%
98Bill Bixby's Bill Bixby *Ama740.37%
99Team HobbyTown687.50%
101I Don't Care675.00%
102Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon668.75%
103Ballet Symposium *Amateur*668.75%
105Du Hast *Amateur*664.58%
106Unholy Trinity664.58%
1073 White Boys from the Stix *664.58%
108#realgangstas *Amateur*662.50%
109Yellow *Amateur*656.00%
110Team Joe *Amateur*655.55%
111Merlin Berlin *Amateur*654.66%
112Horse You Rode In On *Amateu654.66%
113Breaking Waves *Amateur*654.66%
114Good Cards *Amateur*654.16%
115Wasted Beebles *Amateur*652.03%
116I Did652.00%
117Never Was *Amateur*651.33%
118Team Time Capsule650.66%
119Mom has the kids...again650.00%
120Undecided *Amateur*650.00%
121House of Usher *Amateur*649.33%
122The Collective *Amateur*649.33%
123Sweet Jeebus *Amateur*648.63%
125Chico's Bail Bonds *Amateur*647.33%
126Coup de Foudre *Amateur*646.48%
127Team Primate *Amateur*642.66%
128Infinite Monkeys *Amateur*640.00%
129Rookies *Amateur*638.57%
130Phantom Tollbooth450.00%
131Team Skillz443.75%
132Hannah's Games *Amateur*441.33%
133Team Lucky Frog366.66%
134Magical Bullies366.66%
135Two Guys/Girl/GP *Amateur*358.33%
136$30 Cab Fare *Amateur*358.33%
137Phat Wallet *Amateur*358.33%
138Howling Wolf *Amateur*358.33%
139Team C+D *Amateur*356.25%
140Two Guys/Rodemann *Amateur*355.55%
141Team Chumps *Amateur*355.55%
1423 for Flinching *Amateur*355.55%
143I am Jack's Team354.16%
144The Flagbearers *Amateur*354.16%
145Eternal Nightmares *Amateur*352.44%
146Team Trout *Amateur*352.08%
147One Turn Too Late *Amateur*352.08%
148Ka-Tet *Amateur*347.91%
149Fat Whitey's Anonymous *Amat347.91%
150Magic *Amateur*346.66%
1513 X Threat *Amateur*344.00%
152Random Team 238 *Amateur*342.66%
153The Stonecutters341.66%
154Azz Izz *Amateur*341.08%
155Highlanders *Amateur*340.95%
156Zombie Josh Bennett337.50%
157Crouching Tiger075.00%
158Dark Disciples *Amateur*066.66%
159The Cyder House Coalition *A055.55%
160Lucky Lotus *Amateur*055.55%
161Team Cereberus *Amateur*050.00%
162Chi *Amateur*037.50%
163The Aybabtu Clan *Amateur*033.33%

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