RYZWear Update!

Posted in Feature on June 11, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

We're halfway through design stage of the "Show Your Colors" design competition and the response has been massive. There have been 200 designs submitted so far, and the numbers continue to grow! If you have an obscure favorite card (as magicthegathering.com team member Monty Ashley does), you just might see it on a shoe. Wanna see a random sampling of submissions? Sure you do!

Of course, there's over 150 more designs, so check them out and tell us what you think. Think you can do better? There's still time to submit! The design stage closes on June 17th, and with the help of your critique, our panel chooses the top 18 finalists. Then the voting begins.

Oh, didn't we mention our expert panel? Well, say hello to:

Jeremy Jarvis: Jeremy is the art director for Magic: The Gathering and he's been known to illustrate a card or two (or 45) himself.

Bill Stark: Bill is a longtime Magic player, writer, and editor. Since his six-month internship with Magic R&D and magicthegathering.com, he's started his own Magic blog: The Starkington Post.

Todd Alan Breland: With titles of artist, illustrator, designer, and creative consultant, New York City's Todd Alan Breland has created everything under the sun. Oh, and add Creative Director to that list of titles ... thanks to RYZ.

Todd's eye has already been caught by a few design elements. Take it away, Todd!

"Perfect use of panels. The tab and heel are great for logos and icons."

"Great placement & simple color scheme make this a sleek and wearable shoe!"

"Love the original artwork and this one really caught our eye."

Meanwhile, Jeremy would like to call attention to a few shoes he particularly liked:

"I love the powerful color achieved by playing with the accepted meaning of 'color' in the game. The distressed treatment is really a nice touch."

"Direct relation to the game, but in a way that’s more about visual signal-to-noise than about 'cards' per se."

"I love this. The Future Sight card frame elements are so well integrated onto the shoe that it looks like that was always the purpose."

Bill Stark hasn't had time to weigh in because he flew directly from Hawaii (for Pro Tour–Honolulu) to Brazil (for Grand Prix–São Paulo). He's a busy man!

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