Scepter of Secrets

Posted in Feature on July 17, 2012

By Conley Woods

We are well on our way here on Daily Decks and yet we have not really gotten to talk much about Modern, so I say we change that today. In ten days or so, Modern will be on display at Grand Prix Columbus, so we might as well kick off the event with a little dip into the pool that is Modern. And for that, we need to turn to where the queues are always firing: Magic Online.

KWay decided to meld two favorites together. First, KWay took a popular card in just about every format these days—Delver of Secrets—and asked what it wanted. The answer of course, was instants and sorceries. From there, KWay asked what other powerful engine/card wants the same thing and came back with one of the most popular cards of all time as an answer—Isochron Scepter. Both cards love an instant in your deck, for different reasons, but the two play really well together.

Delver of Secrets presents the opponent with a clock while Isochron Scepter provides tempo plays and a more robust late game without muddying the early turns too much. In Standard, for example, Consecrated Sphinx has been a go-to as a late-game finisher in Delver decks, but look how much more elegant the Scepter is. It provides that late-game stream of card advantage the Sphinx does, but it also has an impact in the early game, which is crucial to put opponents away.

Old Scepter decks have been lock decks that looked to shut down the opposing game plan with something like Orim's Chant and Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, but KWay is just looking for tempo and speed. Lightning Helix on a stick ends a game pretty quickly when your Delver of Secrets already connected two or three times. Be sure to look for a few more Modern decks here at Daily Decks leading up to the Grand Prix!

KWay's Scepter of Secrets

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