Sealed Deck Builder: 02/02/2012

Posted in Feature on February 2, 2012

By Garret Bright

Hello, I’m Garret and I built you something that I think is pretty neat. I'm excited to present the first ever Sealed Deck Builder activity!

Each Thursday, we’ll have a new pool of cards for you to build a 40 card deck. To coincide with the release of Dark Ascesion on February 3, this sealed pool is made up of 3 Innistrad and 3 Dark Ascension booster packs! Just like at last weekend’s Dark Ascension Prerelease.

To celebrate the launch of this activity and this weekend's release of Dark Ascension, the Sealed Deck Builder will run from now until Sunday night. This means that this week, there will be no Decks of the Week article. Don't worry, it'll be back next week, and is now scheduled to run on Fridays.

While I wrote all of the code that makes this thing tick, I couldn’t have made this alone – I have to give credit to Toshiko Okumura for her design work, Trick Jarrett and Kelly Digges for their wordsmithing, Tom Jenkot for his input on the user interface and design, and Matt Murray for his vision and for making sure I had time to work on this.

I look forward to reading any feedback you might have to further improve the Sealed Deck Builder, so don't be shy sharing your thoughts using the forum link on this page.

Tips on Using the Sealed Deck Builder

When you start the application, you'll see all your cards in a Card Pool tray. If you can't see all the cards in your pool, you can expand the size of your tray by dragging black tool bar upward.

Drag cards from this tray to the field of columns at the top to build your deck. You can hold Shift to move a stack of cards at once, or use Control (Command on Mac) to select and move specific cards together.

When you’re done choosing cards for your deck, add some basic lands with the "Add Land" tray.

When you've completed your deck, click "Share" (in the top right corner) to post your deck build on our forums and compare strategies!

By using a combination of the Sort and Hide options, you can quickly get an idea of what your build will be like. Want to see the distribution of creature costs? Sort by Cost, and hide all non-creature cards. Want to easily hide non-red cards? Hold Control and click the red hide button (it will auto-hide all other colors.) Hold Shift while clicking any hide option, and it will unhide all cards.

For more tips and specific explanations while using the application, click "Help" in the bottom right corner. This will turn on a tip roll-over function to guide you through your fist build.

For the best performance, use Firefox or Chrome. Currently, the Sealed Deck Builder is not compatible with any mobile browsers.

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