See the Pro Tour Stars in Atlanta

Posted in Feature on April 29, 2014

By Wizards of the Coast

Come to Atlanta and witness the culmination of the Theros block at Pro Tour Journey into Nyx. Held May 16–18 at the Cobb Galleria Centre, the Pro Tour provides the opportunity for Magic fans to see the best players in the world up close and personal as they battle on the game's biggest stage.

The hall layout for Pro Tour Journey into Nyx is configured both with a viewing area to watch the live video stream and with significantly more rail space in the main play area. This allows fans to be able to watch their favorite players every round, getting incredible access to see the full Theros block in action in both the Theros Block Constructed and Theros/Born of the Gods/Journey into Nyx Booster Draft formats.

Friday begins with three rounds of Booster Draft followed by five rounds of Block Constructed. Then, the field is cut down to the players with four or more wins and that same schedule is repeated on Saturday before the Pro Tour is reduced to the Top 8, where the players will face off with their Block Constructed decks.

The event hall features a full slate of activities and access to make this a can't-miss Magic experience. A merchandise booth is open Thursday–Sunday, where players and fans alike can purchase the exclusive, limited-edition Pro Tour Journey into Nyx playmat. The booth will also be selling current Magic booster packs, accessories, single cards, Magic t-shirts, and more.

This limited-edition exclusive playmat is only available at Pro Tour Journey into Nyx!

Popular Magic cosplayer Christine Sprankle will be making her return to the Pro Tour scene as Elspeth, Chandra, Liliana, and a special mystery character. She will be available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for photos and to meet fans.

Here's a rundown of the scheduled spectator events at the Pro Tour:

  • Friday—R&D Design Panel: Ethan Fleischer and Ian Duke from Magic R&D talk about the design and development of Journey into Nyx and answer your questions. This will begin at approximately 2 p.m., starting a few minutes after the end of Round 3.
  • Saturday—VIP Drafting: Sign up at the Event Host desk for your chance to draft with Pro Tour Hall of Famer Mike Turian, Ethan Fleischer, and Ian Duke. Drafts fire at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., with space extremely limited!
  • Saturday and Sunday—Tokenize Yourself: Get your face immortalized on a Minotaur or Snake token creature!
  • Sunday—Top 8 Viewing: Watch the Top 8 on the big screen and root on your favorite pros. Be sure to watch for the announcement of Magic's new fall set, coming after the quarterfinals.
  • Sunday—Spellslinging with Top Pros and R&D: Battle against 2013 World Champion Shahar Shenhar, other top pros, and members of Wizards R&D (player availability depending on Top 8 participation).

For more information about the event and a complete schedule of the Pro Tour weekend and the live video stream visit this page. To follow the conversation about Pro Tour Journey into Nyx on Twitter, use the hashtag #PTJOU.

The Cobb Galleria Centre is located 12 miles from downtown Atlanta, with more than a dozen hotels in the immediate vicinity. With a prize purse of $250,000 up for grabs and a spot in the 2014 World Championship going to the winner, you won't want to miss Pro Tour Journey into Nyx!

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