Selecting Ninth Edition

Posted in Feature on June 13, 2004

By Staff

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  • Welcome to Selecting Ninth Edition, where you get to play the role of R&D developer, art director, and flavor text writer for Magic's next Core Set! You can return to this page each Monday to see what new decisions you get to make, and to check the ongoing results throughout the summer.

    Selecting Ninth Edition

    Be the R&D developer. Each week between June 14th and September 6th, you'll vote on a showdown between two (and sometimes more than two) cards. You get to decide which ends up in Ninth Edition and which gets kicked to the curb.

    Be the art director. Starting in July, you'll see two sketches for the art of Ninth Edition cards, and you'll get to decide which piece -- and which artist -- gets the thumbs up. The sketch will then be turned into a completed painting and put onto a Ninth Edition card.

    Be the flavor text writer. Starting in August, you'll get to submit original flavor text for several Ninth Edition cards and vote on your favorite piece. The winning submissions will show up right there in italics at the bottom of the text box when Ninth Edition releases.

    Ready to be a part of the Magic creation process?

    Week 13

    Glorious Anthem vs. Shared Triumph; Flavor Text Vote

    Week 12

    Furnace of Rath vs. Gratuitous Violence; Will-o'-the-Wisp sketch - Furnace of Rath WINS! Rob Alexander sketch WINS!

    Week 11

    Weird Harvest vs. Animal Magnetism; Threaten sketch - Weird Harvest WINS! Pete Venters sketch WINS!

    Week 10

    Blackmail vs. Addle; Grave Pact sketch - Blackmail WINS! Puddnhead's sketch WINS!

    Week 9

    Hammer of Bogardan vs. Shard Phoenix; Elvish Piper sketch - Shard Phoenix WINS! Rebecca Guay's sketch WINS!

    Week 8

    Viashino Cutthroat vs. Viashino Sandstalker, Zur's Weirding Sketches, and Flavor Text Submission - Viashino Sandstalker WINS! rk post's sketch WINS!

    Week 7

    Temporal Adept vs. Time Elemental; Spirit Link sketch - Temporal Adept WINS! Kev Walker's sketch WINS!

    Week 6

    Barbarian Horde vs. Goblin Goon vs. Rathi Dragon; Mahamoti Djinn sketch - Rathi Dragon WINS! Greg Staples's Mahamoti Djinn WINS!

    Week 5

    Persuasion vs. Confiscate + Rewind; Dancing Scimitar sketch - Confiscate + Rewind WIN! Ron Spears's Dancing Scimitar WINS!

    Week 4

    Havoc Demon vs. Yawgmoth Demon - Yawgmoth Demon WINS!

    Week 3

    Mana Leak vs. Memory Lapse - Mana Leak WINS!

    Week 2

    Blinding Angel vs. Dawn Elemental - Blinding Angel WINS!

    Week 1

    Emperor Crocodile vs. Jade Leech - Emperor Crocodile WINS!

    To vote and make submissions, you'll need to register first. (This keeps the results fair and secure.)

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